I Have Solved My Terrible Underarm Sweating Very Easily

Author: Anonymous

I am 45 years old and I have always had a major underarm sweating problem.

Tried everything except hyperhidrosis surgery and I almost did that.

Maxim, all the new antiperspirants – same result – even more excessive sweating.

I am talking about DRENCHED UNDERSHIRT and dress shirt about 6 inches in diameter – like, super noticeable.

How did I cure my problem?

I cannot believe that no one has ever mentioned this anywhere online!!

I am apparently allergic to the main ingredient in all antiperspirants – !

So I just switched to deodorant (something with NO aluminum-based ingredients) or nothing at all and absolutely no sweating!


This is crazy.

I have literally agonized over this heavy underarn sweating problem since I was a teenager.

I felt compelled to find a forum to tell my story so that people can at least try this first – before trying very strong chemicals or surgery.

I hope this helps you.

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