How can I cure body odor?

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hey,there i dont know what to do about it i’m desparate and really need your help cure body…..plss….help me to cure of it…

Answer from Chris

Hello Jesuspaul, I feel your pain. And it is absolutely possible to get rid of body odor (or at LEAST reduce it dramatically). There has been a lot written about B.O. (or ‘bromhidrosis’) on this site.

Have you had a chance to read some of the articles / Q&A about it? That’s the main body odor section, where you’ll find all types of cures, remedies, treatments & tips to deal w/ it.

Some of our most gracious friends here at have joined in & contributed to the knowledge pool. Find some of our popular articles on sweating & odor just below.

The bottom line is that you have TRY different stuff to see what works… here are some starting points for you:

A product called DeodoRite (see video below)

SYNOPSIS: This is a natural product, so it takes some time to start working. And you need to take it consistently. But you’ll definitely feel (and smell) a difference after a few weeks. Check it out here.

Baking soda is a big help against body odor (by Meranda from NJ)

Vitamins that help body odor (by Yours Truly)

10 helpful tips to blast B.O. (by Vinace from the Phillipines)

Myths & misconceptions about body odor (by Yours Truly)

Is it a fishy smell? (by Anonymous)

Hope that helps Jesuspaul. Get in there, start trying some stuff & come back to let us know how it turns out.

-Chris M.

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