Are Sweaty Palms A Problem For You?

If sweaty palms and general hand sweating are a problem for you, you’ll probably want to hang out in this area of our site for a while. It’s pretty much an encyclopedia of hand sweating – hiding it, dealing with it, and ultimately curing it.

From causes to home remedies to antiperspirants and handling social situations, it’s all here. Keep reading.

What Causes Sweaty Palms?

Hand sweat is caused by the same things that causes other types of perspiration – heredity, diet, exercise, thinking, medical conditions, etc.

To see all causes of sweat, click here.

But for most people, the mental aspect takes some precidence. I would bet that your palms are more likely to get sweaty in certain situations than they are in others.

You should take that into effect as you’re looking for cures for sweaty palms.

What Can You Do About It?

There are several things you can do about it.

Some are easy – like carrying a small handkerchief or towel around with you.

Just have it and each time you approach a situation where you’ll likely have to shake hands w/ someone, simply give your towel a wipe before you do.

Granted, carrying a little towel around with you everywhere can be a pain in the ass, it’s better than having hands that are dripping with sweat as you’re shaking another (important) person’s hand.

(I’ve been in that situation)

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What Else Can I Do About It?

As with other types of sweating, there’s always something you can do to beat it. We beat our sweating and that means you can too. From prescription medication to special herbal teas for sweating to other preventative measures, there’s a whole lot of other stuff you can do.

There is a home remedy for sweaty palms or two that can help do the trick – learn about them here [COMING SOON]

There are also some sweaty palms antiperspirants that can be of some help for your situation as well – learn about those here [COMING SOON]

There’s a whole bunch of new info about sweaty palms that’s going to be on this page soon. Make sure you bookmark it and come back soon.

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