Nervous Sweating Cure for 17 Year Old College-Bound Girl

My daughter is 17, and she’s in need of a nervous sweating cure. She sweats excessively and doesn’t want to go through with surgery for sweating, or with botox for sweating.

The sweating is generally in the underarms, but becomes an issue with the face and palms in highly social environments. The more people there are the more she sweats.

She has used every deodorant and antiperspirant on the market, and has used things given to her but a doctor. This has been going on since she was 13, and I have no clue what to do to help her find a nervous sweating cure. She will be attending college in the next year.

Please give me advice on things she can do to treat, and hide the effects of her hyperhydrosis. Thank you.


Thanks for the question. Answering this one about a nervous sweating cure will be a pleasure because so many other users are struggling with similar situations.

The fact of the matter is that almost all hyperhidrosis cases are exasperated by social situations. This is what I’ve sometimes referred to as the “vicious cycle” because one thing (nervousness in social situations) can cause the other (sweating), which then makes the person even MORE nervous, right? Which then obviously leads to even MORE sweating.

It’s a pretty crappy situation. More on the vicious sweat cycle.

So how do you BREAK the cycle and CURE sweating associated with nervousness, anxiety, and social situations?

Well, by taking a two-pronged approach of course. You can’t take a 1-dimensional approach to a clearly 2-dimensional (or more) problem!

In other words, for best results, you don’t try to find a nervous sweating cure… you look for a sweating cure (first dimension), but then you also work on your general levels of self-confidence and try to become more comfortable around your friends and in social situations.

Luckily, there are a few very effective ways to accomplish both of these goals.

Nervous sweating cures to check out

Here are a hodge-podge of suggestions that may or may not apply to your situation. We have seen each of these be effective for people in the same situation as your daughter.

Try sweat guards for immediate relief

Sweat guards (also called sweat shields, dress shields, armpit pads or underarm pads) are great. They sound like they’d work well for your daughter if her pits are the main problem area. The cool thing about them is that they work immediately. They can be worth their weight in gold in terms of creating confidence in an otherwise stressful situation.

More on sweat guards & shields

Try natural confidence building techniques

Regarding the vicious sweat cycle, even if you’re not able to reduce the sweating at all, you can bring yourself significant relief by building your confidence and self-esteem. Of course there are dozens of ways to do this. We make this part of every sweat-stopping initiative, whether it’s socially exasperated or not (it’s pretty much always socially influenced)

More on natural confidence building techniques

Try natural & herbal cures for nervous sweating

There are a lot of things that can be done to attack the vicious sweat cycle from both sides at the same time. For instance, some herbal remedies like sage to stop sweating, are very effective ways to BOTH reduce sweat and also calm your nerves. St. johns wort is another such herb, though this one doesn’t have a reputation to stop sweat, but has a very calming effect.

More on natural & herbal nervous sweating cures

Stack, Stack, Stack, Stack

There’s a magical power inherent in starting a new initiative. The moment your daughter gets fed up and say, “Dammit, I’m not going to let this hyperhidrosis get me down even ONE more time. I’m DONE with this sh*t!” is a magical moment. When she gets to that point is when she should start Stacking. Stacking is sort of our secret sauce. It’s the thing that really brings about the results.

More on Stacking

Something else that’s important for you and your daughter to do…

Work closely with a medically-trained hyperhidrosis specialist

I know that you said your daughter has been working closely with doctors, which is great. But we find a lot of times that working with doctors for hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating is just that… a WORK in progress.

Don’t expect miracles from your doctor!

She’s experimenting and trying to figure out the sweating cure that’s going to work for your particular physiology. Just because you tried a few things and they didn’t work, doesn’t mean it’s time to give up on the doctor!

Another note about working with a doctor for a nervous sweating cure is that we’ve seen a lot of cases where a hyperhidrosis patient may try something (Drysol is the most common) and find that it doesn’t work… or that it produces unacceptable side effects. So they stop.

Makes sense.

But then they ASSUME that Drysol just doesn’t work for me because it didn’t last time. THAT assumption is the fatal blow. You don’t want to make that assumption because the fact is, something that didn’t work for you last year… may very well work for you this year.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

This isn’t the only reason seeing a doctor is important. I stress this hard for good reason. See the whole story on why the doctor is important for excessive sweating.

Hope this helps your daughter with her hyperhidrosis & nervous sweating as she seeks a cure on her way to college. Be sure to come back and let everybody know how it turned out.

And for anybody reading this, I hope it helped you too. Now it’s YOUR turn. Ask me something about hyperhidrosis.

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