Let’s Face It…Seeing Famous People Sweating Makes Us Feel a Lil’ Better!

Let’s face it…Seeing other people sweating makes us feel a little better.

It’s okay. We like to see other people sweating. It doesn’t make us mean or weird.

It’s just that it’s so easy to feel like you’re all alone. Like you’re the only person in the world that suffers from this annoying sweating disease.

Well, I keep telling you, you ARE NOT alone! Not only are you not alone, but in fact, you have quite a bit of company.

And not just any company, either. There are lots and lots of sweaty, sweaty celebrities.

I found this site recently, www.CelebritySweating.com. It’s so funny. You can see pics of your favorite singers, movie stars, and politicians sweating their butts off.

Check out Pink (the singer) sweating in an airport.

And oh, how ’bout Eva Longoria?

The one-and-only Britney Spears sweaty as ever!. Find out why Britney may be sweating so often!

If you think excessive sweating sucks for you, just imagine if you were in the public eye 24/7! These people are annoyed by perspiration much more than you and I. BUT, most of them are very confident and sure of themselves, so they probably don’t care very much.

Plus, they probably get Botox all the time. But, the Botox wears off eventually, and they’re left with sweating symptoms, just like the rest of us.

There are people sweating all around us. You’ve probably been noticing it more than others since you sweat yourself.

Although we know that those people are probably uncomfortable while they’re feeling the sweating symptoms, we still like it.

It’s natural. It’s not that we take pleasure in their misery. It’s just that we like to have company when we’re feeling miserable ourselves.

Have YOU Found Any Funny Pictures of People Sweating?

People with sweating problems like to see other people sweating! It’s just natural. If you’ve found some funny pictures recently, share them with your fellow sweaters!

They’ll appreciate it, and so will I. It just takes a second. Upload it now!

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