Excessive Face Sweating — Top 4 Tips

Absolutely at the top of the most annoying places to sweat, you’ll find excessive face sweating.

You can hide pit sweat. Just wear black and keep your arms down.

You can hide sweaty palms. Just keep your hands to yourself.

You can hide almost any type of sweating easier than you can hide facial or cranial sweating. It pretty much sucks, and it used to bother me tremendously.

Excessive Face Sweating Tip #4: Is it Primary or Secondary Hyperhidrosis?

It’s very important to figure this out, and the best way to do it is to ask a doctor about “hyperhidrosis”. They’ll tell you a whole bunch of stuff you probably didn’t know, give you some sweat-stopping goodies that you’ve probably never tried, and send you home happy.

The reason it’s important to find out if it’s primary or secondary is because secondary hyperhidrosis could be life-threatening. There’s a whole bunch of diseases that could be causing it. Unlike primary HH, which is extremely annoying but harmless physically. More about the causes of sweating excessively.

Excessive Face Sweating Tip #3: Carry a handkerchief around.

Carrying a handkerchief (i.e. cloth of some sort) around can save your sweaty butt! I used to always follow this rule. Whenever the sweat starts bothering you, take out your handkerchief and wipe. Whether you want to go into a different room, or just wipe right where you are, is up to you. Repeat if necessary.

I know this is an elementary tip, and probably most of you do this already, but I thought I’d throw it out there in case you don’t. This used to be my bread-n-butter. I would use a cloth to wipe my palms, pits, and face.

Excessive Face Sweating Tip #2: Try a Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant.

HH Anti-Ps are made for under arm sweating obviously, but I’ve heard of some people having success applying Anti-Ps to their faces. See Bye-Bye-Excessive-Sweating.com’s Quest For the Best Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant.

Be careful here, especially if you have sensitive skin. Odaban is a good one to use for less irritation. Apply just a small amount in the evening before sleep. Pay attention to the results. Did you feel tingling or irritation the next day? Did the sweating decrease at all? A lot of times it works for people.

If your skin gets super-irritated, stop using it until it heals. After it heals, try again but use a smaller amount of the product. Notice the results again and tweak if necessary.

Excessive Face Sweating Tip #1: Get on the Bye-Bye-Excessive-Sweating.com Master Plan.

The soon-to-be-famous system, also known as Mechanic Method, (Mechanic’s our last name, like seriously) stops sweat almost every time. It literally has about a 98% success rate and works for facial sweating as well.

It takes a little while to learn it, and to get set-up to start practicing it, but one you’re on the system, it starts to kick in, and you will feel so relieved and free. Sweat will be a thing of the past.

You can get a sample of our system, and sign-up for a free eCourse which teaches you how to work it.

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