Everything Happens For a Reason

Author: Lori Perez
Location: Brownsville, TX

So I am driving to work one day and hear this commercial on how to cure sweaty hands. Obviously I jump at the idea and call this Dr. in Newport Beach.

Long story short, I was pregnant (very unexpectedly, btw) so I had to put the surgery off for a while. I had my beautiful little girl in February and in April I was suiting up for an outpatient surgery.

This surgery, which I got to stop the sweating, ended up changing my life in so many ways. The Dr. found enlarged lymph nodes in my upper body.

Again, to make this short I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and have fought it and beat it twice since 2004.

My point is that even though I have complained on-and-on about my sweating disease all my life I have to say I DON’T recommend the surgery. Even though it did cure my sweaty hands my sweat problem is now in every other part of my body! I would trade my hands for everything else in a second!

I know that having this sweat problem is such a huge and unfair problem in our lives. In mine I was able to detect the cancer ahead of time ~ it saved my life.

I am still battling Hyperhidrosis but I will beat this. Thank you guys for all your help and support!

BTW that little girl that came so unexpectedly is now 4 years old and my youngest….my little blessing from above. I am no longer able to have children after all the chemo, surgery, and treatments I had over the years…..so yea she came in a perfect time : )

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