I Have “Head Sweats” – How To Deal With Scalp & Head Sweating

I need help bad! I have “head sweats” and I’m looking for help on how to deal with scalp & head sweating..

I can feel it coming on and I am not anxious about anything at the time until it happens. My head gets really hot and then sweat literally pours off of me. My hair is that sweated it looks like I just got out of the shower.

I have my first job and it is happening when I am just standing there. It happens during high school classes. I feel like an outcast.

Answer from Josh:

Hi there, hahah — I like that, the “head sweats”. I’ve not heard anybody refer to it as that, but I do have some good tips for you regarding how to deal with scalp and head sweating..

First off, you’re in high school.

High school is an awkward time that most people prefer NOT to remember that vividly. You’re going through puberty and there are a lot of changes happening within your body.

Excessive sweating and puberty often times go hand-in-hand. It is very common to see people sweat more while going through puberty, and a lot of times, it goes away by itself.

So don’t worry too much, it will likely go away.

Second, are you overweight? In my experience with how to stop excessive facial, head and scalp sweating, it happens more frequently with people who are suffering from obesity and other weight issues.

See this post if you’re overweight and sweating excessively.

Third, have you seen a doctor about the sweating issue? I say this all the time, but it’s difficult to not reiterate it…

If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis (or just sweating MORE than you think is normal) — go to the doctor!!

Think about it, it’s a no-brainer.

The doctor will likely give you something that helps PLUS — there’s a chance that your sweating is being caused by a more serious, underlying illness. If this is the case, it can be much more important than some sweating issue.

Go to the doctor.

If you’re not convince that going to the doctor is a good idea, see this page.

Okay, so right now, if you haven’t already seen a doctor, please go do so. I am not a doctor myself and though I’m giving you the best advice I can, I obviously don’t know you and could accidentally give you bad advice.

See our disclaimer.

Antiperspirants can actually stop head sweating & scalp sweating. It seems counter-intuitive just because you’ve probably never considered the idea, but there are some antiperspirants that can be used safely on your face & head.

Do your armpits sweat a lot? What kind of antiperspirant do you use? The best antiperspirant on the market is Odaban — you should check it out and try it.

Antiperspirants will solve your sweating issue (or at least alleviate it dramatically) in about 60% of cases. So that’s the first thing I would try.

So there’s 3 pretty solid things you should try. I could go on, but first go ahead and take what I’ve given you here for a test drive.

Come back and let me know how it works, and I’ll give you some more stuff soon.


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