Figured out how to hide sweat stains!

I honestly have never met (in person) anyone in my life that sweats as much as I do under my arms — not even close.

I am a huge sweater that has tried everything under the sun. Botox worked for me but I couldn’t afford $600 every three months. Recently I discovered something that at least hides my sweat stains… stops them from showing up on my shirts.

It’s a great t-shirt that is so thin you won’t believe it, contours to your body like a glove and is made to pull the sweat towards your skin so sweat doesn’t go onto you shirts.

Until I find something that can help me stop sweating forever, I’ll be sticking with these T-shirts.

And guess what I can lift my arms in the air again and have found a new confidence, no BS. Check them out for yourself and happy dry day:-)

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