How To Prevent Armpit Sweat & Hyperhidrosis By ‘Stacking’

Learning how to prevent armpit sweat is easy when you understand and apply the concept of Stacking.’

Read this article, and be sure to check out my video on YouTube about ‘Stacking’.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. We already cured our sweating problem. Just do what we did.

They’re called Stackers b/c they’re used with each other (like ‘Stacked’ on top each other).

We’ve found that using multiple things at once, or Stacking works better than not Stacking.’

Learn how to prevent armpit sweat and HH with these 5 popular ‘Stackers.’

The 1st of the excessive perspiration ‘Stackers’is DeodoRite

Watch a video about sweating and Deodorite

DeodoRite is an all-natural product made by a company called It works from the inside-out with a cleansing, detoxifying effect.

Specifically, it supports your liver, which is like your body’s landfill–all the trash and leftover toxins goes there. It also helps ease your endocrine and nervous systems, and promotes metabolic well-being.

It’s a new product and it’s getting more popular. It’s all natural and healthy in general, but it specifically helps with body odor and sweating.

Learn more about Deodorite by Native Remedies

The 2nd of the hyperhidrosis ‘Stackers’ are ‘Armpit Sweat Guards’

Also called sweat-shields or sweat-pads, these don’t show you how to prevent armpit sweat, but rather, they hide underarm perspiration really well. They’re great as a quick-fix, or insurance policy for an important meeting/event. Also, wearing them gives you confidence because you know that at least people can’t see your sweating.

They’re pretty much a must-have for most heavy sweaters.

Learn more about sweat-shields

The 3rd of the excessive sweating ‘Stackers’ are ‘Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirants’

They stop sweat better than the usual suspects (Old Spice, Speed Stick, etc). Again, if you’ve never tried one, you’re not following the first rule–Try different stuff. Pick some up today.

There’s about a million hyperhidrosis antiperspirants to choose from. Click here to read our “Quest For The Best HH Anti-P”

Who was the winner of the “Quest For The Best Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant” award

The 4th of the stop sweating “tips-tricks-treatments-cures” is ‘Acupuncture’

Acupuncture has been around almost forever. Although not typically thought of as a method of how to prevent armpit sweat, many sufferers of excessive sweating have used it as a permanent, natural cure for hyperhidrosis. May sound a little silly, but if it stops sweating, who cares if it’s silly.

Read more about hyperhidrosis and acupuncture

The 5th of the stop excessive sweating “tips-tricks-treatments-cures” is ‘Drionics’

Also called “Iontophoresis-therapy,” this device passes electrical currents through the skin temporarily stun sweat glands. We’ve heard some success, and some horror stories. Have to admit, I’ve heard more horror stories, than successes. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but read all about it.

Click here to read all about drionics

Making some of these changes will reduce your excessive sweating. It’s absolutely guaranteed. Individually, they may not be effective. It’s when you ‘Stack’ them, or use them in conjunction with one another, that the sweat-stopping magic begins.

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Also, keep in mind while reading that these are not “rules.” Everyone is different. Your job is to find the best way to ‘Stack’ these “how-to-prevent-armpit-sweat

tips-tricks-treatments-cures” with each other and with Mechanic Method (this is how we cured our excessive sweating armpits). That means you try different combinations of the “tips-tricks-treatments-cures”

So Get To Work!

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