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Monica did it. Couldn’t it be YOUR turn?

The bottom line is that if you really want to learn how to cure excessive sweating… like, forever… you can do it. It definitely takes some effort. But excessive sweating is ABSOLUTELY curable. We cured it and so did Monica…

“I Saw Results Almost Instantly”

I’d been to the doctor a ton of times and tried everything from Drysol to Drionics and back. Nothing worked! I was considering surgery when I found your book and decided to give it a try.

I started seeing results almost instantly. It is now one month after I started,prom is right around the corner, and my biggest problem is which boy to take. Thank you guys so much for helping me cure my excessive sweating disease.


Monica Ackers
Los Angeles, California

Will YOU be our next success?

We tested these sweat-stopping techniques on ourselves (and it worked). Then we tested them on friends and people we knew (worked again). We released the secrets of how to cure excessive sweating for the first time in 2007. Since then…

We’ve touched over 485,000 lives!

We’ve worked personally with dozens of excessive sweat sufferers who were trying to figure out how to cure hyperhidrosis.

Hi! You probably don’t remember me by now. I used to be one of your ‘patients’ (sorry, don’t know how to properly phrase it. haha) It’s been like, what, two years ago since we last exchanged emails. Sorry I broke off the communication — got mighty busy (I’m a college graduate now!) and I lost my original email address.

I know I promised that I would go through the whole program, up to the very end. Well, believe it or not, I actually did. Okay, I’ve stumbled every now and then, almost gave up, modified some of the steps (some of the steps aren’t really workable in my situation!) and actually forget about it for months. But I started all over again and actually tried all the steps.

Well, I haven’t totally cured my sweating problem but guess what, I’m almost over it. Really. I may not have totally stuck with your whole routine but the ebook absolutely brought improvements to my condition. And you know what actually worked best? It’s the mind over matter thing! It’s like the freaking key to the whole thing!

Okay, this is taking too long now. Anyways, just want to give you my long-overdue thanks.

Hope to hear from you soon!


I literally copied and pasted that from my email.

Thank you for the kind words Cris and I’m very happy to hear of your success!

“A Life Without Being Embarrassed & Sad Everyday”

Hi Chris,

This is probably the last e-mail I’m sending to you because I’ve been totally sweat-free for 3 weeks! I’m cured!

I’m starting a new life now. A life without being embarrassed and sad everyday. A life of joy and happiness. I’ve been feeling so good that even my friends think that I’ve started using drugs or something like that LOL

I just want to thank you so much! Your book and your tips led me to where I am now. Following every single tip you gave, helped me realize that the most important thing about Excessive Sweating is knowledge. If you understand your problem and it’s causes it’s way easier to find a solution for it.

I’m so happy about it, that I want you to know that if you need me to write my story for your website i’ll gladly do it because I want to help people to overcome this thing and I feel that my story can be very motivational.

Thank you so much again Chris. I owe you everything!

Joseph Alvares
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Joseph was an awesome kid.

He got it almost immediately. Just a couple of lessons in, he discovered how to cure excessive sweating.

And just like a lot of other students, his cure was something that came about RANDOMLY… totally unexpectedly

“Dry as a BONE!”

After having read your stuff and doing what you told me to I am officially DRY AS A BONE!

So i figured i would put it to the ultimate test. Instead of getting a ride to work the other day, i skateboarded there. I also found one of the tightest shirts i had and put it on (with the underarm shields, of course, just for that added extra security).

So i skated to work in 80 degree weather with this skin tight shirt, which on any other day would have resulted in my sweating up a storm!! when i got to work, i checked my shirt and the sheilds, and they were dry! like 100 percent no sweat!

Thanks alot man, i really appreciate all your hard work. Your website has been an amazing support system, and i am grateful to have my sweating problem under control =D


“This Website Saved My Life”

I’m at a loss for words. What do you say about something that just changes your whole world? I want to jump through the computer screen and give Chris a big hug (not that he’d let me, haha).

Here’s the story about how this system and website saved my life! I don’t know how I started the excessive sweating, but I think it was sometime in 8th grade. Right now I’m in the 10th grade. I tried the Adidas antiperspirant and that worked for like a month and then I guess my body adjusted to it. Same with the Clinical Strength Degree.

I tried Clinical Secret and that didn’t work at all. Then about a month ago it got worse. Before it was only sweating through t-shirts and thin shirts and then it started going through thick sweatshirts.

I think part of the issue was anxiety about sweating because it only did it in public or at school. It wrecked my day though. I’d have to always worry about grabbing things on the high shelves in my locker and having someone seeing the sweat stains, so I’d end up putting my arms at my sides most of the day and that only made it worse.

Finally i got fed up with it because it was getting really frustrating, because i couldn’t even wear sweatshirts anymore to cover it up. So I found this website and when I got the book, it helped me not only reduce the sweating dramatically, but also to feel much better about it. I haven’t finished the book quite yet, but the sweating is almost gone already and I feel great.

Cody Halden
Jacksonville, FL

Wow, this is powerful stuff.

My man Cody discovered how to cure excessive sweating BEFORE he even fully applied the techniques!

Is this starting to kick in for you?

“Relief After 2 Years Of Searching”

I’d had excessive perspiration for over 2 years, and finally found relief in your book! These two years were probably the worst time to be sweating because I was just starting middle school and trying to be cool and fit in, just like the other insecure kids.

However, unlike most of them, I came home each day with huge sweat circles that would start early in the morning when I got dressed and got worse and worse throughout the day. Not anymore! I am so thankful for your book.

Colleen Kavanagh
Fort Worth, Texas

“Knew It Would Work Within Minutes”

I have been having hyperhidrosis symptoms for many years. It had gotten so bad that I would literally soak through as many as four layers of clothing under my armpits! Nothing I did ever seemed to work: powerful antiperspirants, tissues pinned under my clothes, baby powder, deodorant soaps, sage tea, etc.

I dreaded being in public because of the obvious sweat marks that never failed to seep past my tightly clenched arms. Finally, last week, I found my cure in this system! Within minutes of starting to read I knew it was going to work.

Adella Paine
New Rochelle, New York

“It Worked For Me & I’ve Been So Happy”

I’m not a typical person who usually comes out like this and tells their story on the net, but having excessive sweating was the worst and made me feel like crap. I’ve tried dozens and dozens of deodorants and anti-perspirants and even some clinical stuff that all DID NOT WORK!…

So about 1 week ago I was complaining to my friend of how this sweat is making life in high school harder and more awkard than ever and he suggested I try your product. It worked for me and i’ve been soo happy since. Thank you.

Andre Waller
London, England

“I Was Sweating Everywhere! Face, Hands, Pits… Even my Feet! But Not Anymore!”

Within minutes of reading, I knew I had found the cure. Once I completed Lesson One, the Hyperhidrosis Detox, I already started noticing that my sweating decreased. By the time I finished Parts I & II, the Body and Mind sections, my sweating was completely regular again!

You have no idea how much this means to me!

Thanks to your idea of “Stacking” I have a trick up my sleeve in case I ever start sweating again, like in a stressful situation, which is AWESOME

If you are considering getting this book, but aren’t sure whether it’s going to work, GO FOR IT! It was worth a million bucks to me!!

Josh and Chris are the real thing! I owe you guys everything, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Amy Brennan
Los Angeles, CA

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