Aluminum Chloride, Sweat, Antiperspirants, and Cancer

Aluminum Chloride and sweat are like oil and water–they don’t mix. Chances are, even if you do have hyperhidrosis, using an aluminum-based antiperspirant will lessen your sweating significantly.

So what’s the problem?

Well word has it that though Aluminum Chloride (the active ingredient in many antiperspirants) stops sweat, it could be dangerous. Indeed, there have been rumors circulating that Aluminum Chloride has actually been linked to breast cancer!

Well heck, I’m never wearing antiperspirant again! (right?)

Not so fast, grasshopper. The FDA boldly disputes this claim. According to them, Aluminum Chloride reduces sweat by temporarily plugging the sweat gland, and it doesn’t necessarily stop all sweating, just some of it. But there hasn’t been any scientific evidence linking it to cancer.

I tend to believe them, just because I always listen to authority. Whatever they say, I do. (And pigs fly : ) Plus, I don’t even use antiperspirants since I figured out how to stop excessive sweating.

But if you’re still sweating and you’d still like to use antiperspirants, I recommend you check out our recent “Quest for the Best Hyperhidrosis Antiperspirant” article. It matches 5 top-selling HH anti-Ps up against one another, and our USERS CHOOSE which antiperspirant worked the best. Cool read.

If you still want to talk about Aluminum Chloride, Sweating, and Cancer, I hear ya and good for you. You should be careful about what you’re putting in your body and on your skin.

Here’s a little nugget that I hope gets a conversation started in here:

Regardless of whether the claims on Aluminum and cancer are true or false, it is a fact that once you apply an Aluminimum-based antiperspirant to your skin, the Aluminum makes it’s way through your skin, to your sweat glands, and into your blood stream. It is also a fact that Aluminum is a heavy metal (think Aluminum can). Could there be some other health implications?

Have you experienced any problems with Aluminum Chloride? Share your story here!

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