Vaginal Sweating?

Pelvic, pubic, and vaginal sweating can be a royal pain. We both suffered from virtually full-body sweating for years. Underarms, face, body, pelvic, you name it…

We stopped the sweating by using the techniques that you will learn throughout the rest of this article.

As an FYI, Josh and I know more about how to stop excessive sweating than 99.99% of the population. We have personally coached hundreds of people through the process, and we know for a fact that this stuff WORKS, so congratulations on finding this and keep reading : )

A bit of background

Hyperhidrosis, (which is sweating more than necessary) whether it be vaginal sweating, underarm sweating, sweaty palms, or whatever, is always cause by an over-activity in your nervous system.

By definition, the nervous system is an involuntary system–that is, it cannot be consciously controlled. You can’t just think to yourself, “Hey nervous system, would you tone it down, I’m soaking wet here,” and expect it to work. Doesn’t work like that.

Rather, the nervous system is controlled sub-consciously. Our system to stop sweating, which has been effective for 1,000s of people, shows you how to use your conscious mind to influence your subconscious mind, which in turn effects your nervous system.

Lucky for you

Vaginal sweating isn’t particularly noticeable, so it’s not likely you’ll be humiliated socially from it. But perhaps even worse, is what I call the ‘ickiness factor.’ It just feels icky.

This article will give you some good tips to reduce vaginal sweating now, and lead you to more information which will show you how to cure it permanently.

Absorbent pads

Perhaps the easiest way that a lot of women use to address the ickiness factor of vaginal sweating, a lot of women use absorbent pads, like the ones you may use when you’re on your period.

(Take advantage of this because guys that suffer from pubic sweating don’t have such a luxury.)

I probably don’t have to explain how to use them, but I will offer a few words of advice:

1. Get the thinnest, least absorbent ones. Try the ones for “light days” first. You don’t want too strong of an absorbency because a complete absence of moisture in that area is not good.

2. Carry some with you. You don’t have to use a pad for the whole day. Just stash a few in your purse, or in your desk at work and use them when you need them. Don’t worry about people seeing them, they’re a common sight. Nobody will know you’re using them to absorb vaginal sweat, they’ll just think you’re on your period.

Special teas

Sweating can be reduced quickly and easily with certain types of herbal teas. By either drinking them, or rubbing them topically on the effected area, you will notice a sweat reduction.

One herb that’s renowned for it’s sweat-stopping effect is Sage. You can easily (and inexpensively) brew your own Sage tea. Check out this easy recipe for Sage tea.

If you try herbs to reduce vaginal sweating make sure that you’re using herbs the right way.

Look for physical triggers

In many cases, there are specific foods, drinks, or other ‘ingestibles’ (i.e. things that one may ingest) that can be linked directly with increased sweat-levels. Finding them can be tricky, though, because a lot of the things we ingest on a daily basis are based on habit.

Isolating the triggers can take some time, but if you pay attention, it usually pays off. You may have an idea right now of what one of those triggers may be. Try reducing your consumption of that thing (or completely eliminating it) for a while and see if it makes a difference.

Using a journal and recording what you eat, drink, and ingest can be tremendously helpful in this process. We go through all the nitty-gritty details in our book, but for the time being, just write down everything you ingest for a few days, and some observations about your sweat-levels.

Sweat more!

This concept seems a bit ironic, but it works really well (especially for pubic/vaginal sweating). Go out this week and SWEAT! Engage at least two times in this coming week in a vigorous, sweat-inducing physical activity for at least 20 minutes.

Feel free to be fun and creative. Forget the treadmill, go run outside. Play some type of sport, or put on your favorite music and dance like a maniac.

Once you’re nice and sweaty, hop in a really hot shower for 5-10 minutes. Do your typical shower routine, and before you get out of the shower, hold your breath and turn the water to as cold as it goes. Stay under the cold water for as long as you can bear (which won’t be very long) and then shut the water off.

Grab your towel, dry off just a bit, and quickly run and jump into your bed to dry off completely. As you’re laying in your bed, you are going to feel warm and cozy. Just lay there and relax for a bit.

This works for two reasons:

1. The intense sweating helps to open and clear your pores

2. The hot-to-cold technique gives your nervous system (which is the culprit of vaginal sweating) a shock, and changes the normal routine of things

A lot of people are skeptical when they hear this for the first time, but if you do it once or twice in the same week, you’ll notice a reduction in vaginal sweating.

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Shave it up, baby

I’m a public advocate for The American Association of Reduced Body Hair (Est. 2001). No, I’m just kidding. But I do think that removing excess body hair is good for two things:

  1. Aesthetics (looks, feels better), and
  2. Sweat management
If you’ve never trimmed or shaved that area, definitely try it. It may not have an effect on the amount you sweat, but I imagine it would make vaginal sweating less annoying. 

Try it first with scissors (be careful!) to remove longer hairs. Then if you feel up to it, use a razor or a buzzer like I do in this YouTube video to get the rest.

P.S. Don’t necessarily shave it completely bald cuz’ that may cause irritation if you’re not used to it.

Find emotional triggers

In most cases, sweating is 20% physical and 80% mental. In every case, there are specific types of situations (not including intense heat or exercise) that trigger sweating.

For most people, these situations are social in nature–either a hot date, or a job interview, or a situation that’s stressful in another way. The value in identifying those situations, is that you can train yourself to react differently.

Have you ever heard of the Pavlov’s Dogs?

Ivan Pavlov, a scientist, demonstrated that by ringing a bell every time before feeding a dog will eventually cause that dog to salivate at only the sound of the bell.

Humans are conditioned in largely the same way. There are certain situations in which you are trained to begin feeling uncomfortable and sweating more. By identifying those situations, you can learn specific mental techniques to actually train yourself to react differently.

Learn more about emotions and sweating

The real trick to stop vaginal sweating

If none of these things solve your problem, I have another option for you. It goes back to one of our core teachings, which is called ‘Stacking’.

You see, each of these remedies respectively has the potential to lessen, or completely eliminate your vaginal sweating. But when you combine them, or ‘Stack’ them, you increase the likelihood of relief from sweating exponentially.

So that’s it; that’s the big secret. But there are a lot of specific details you should know, too.

We have a book all about how to stop excessive sweating that talks in a lot more detail about the stuff we talked about here. It gives specific details about how to ‘Stack’, what remedies to ‘Stack’, and how to guarantee reduced sweating levels.

It’s the culmination of years of research and experience and we are so confident that it will work for you, that we personally guarantee it. Check out the book

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