“What Is This Sweating Disease, Anyway?”

I’ve been getting tons of questions about ‘Sweating Disease,’ as one reader recently called it. (FYI, it’s called ‘Hyperhidrosis’.) I thought that was cute : )

So anyway, I’ve been answering each of these questions individually via email. I don’t mind, it’s kinda fun for me. But the thing is, I noticed that the same questions started popping up over and over again. So I figured, “Hey, why not post them on the site?”

This way, you guys can talk to each other and answer each other’s questions, too! Yaaay!

Ask Chris

This is the place for general questions about ‘Sweating Disease,’ : ) (i.e. Hyperhidrosis). Please don’t be shy, and don’t hesitate to ask any question no matter how silly it may seem. Most likely, somebody else is wondering the same thing.

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Other People's Hyperhidrosis Questions

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