Sweating Armpits And Hyperhidrosis Cured Naturally–Work With Your Body!

Lookin’ for tips to stop your sweating armpits and hyperhidrosis

Step II in the system is Your Body

Have you ever seen my YouTube video about sweating disease, your body, and farting? —-(No, that’s not a typo. I said farting.)

This article is going to show you the how to prevent armpit sweat and hyperhidrosis by using your body in the most intelligent ways.

FYI, these strategies of stopping excessive sweat were indispensable in our personal quest to stop the sweating.

In other words, if we didn’t make these changes, we’d still be sweating. Plain and simple.

Your Body Controls Excessive Sweating

Well thanks, Dr. Obvious.

No, but seriously, cells and sweat glands in your body react very precisely to the way that you treat them. They put out (produce) in strict accordance with whatever you put into them—every time, without exception.


Let’s use crying as an example (as in boo-hoo). If you are sad enough, you’re going to cry. There’s no doubt. Your body will produce tears.

That is, if you have enough sad input (tear-jerker movies, dumped by your bf/gf, dog dies, etc.) your body will produce the matching output (tears and boo-hooin’). There is no way around this fact. Unless you change the sad input, your body will produce tears.

So how does this relate to excessive sweating armpits and hyperhidrosis you’re wondering?

What if you really wanted to avoid crying? What would you do? You would reduce the amount of sad input. You would avoid tear-jerkers, forget about your ex-spouse/bf/gf, and get a new dog, right?

Sweaty armpits are no different than teary eyes.

It’s just that the “inputs” for excessive armpit sweat and hyperhidrosis aren’t obvious like excessive tears. Thus, we have to find the inputs that cause the perspiration.

Your Body And Excessive Sweating – Main Input

1. Food. Sweating armpits, hyperhidrosis, and bromhidrosis (body odor) are all directly related to the foods you eat

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You may be thinking, “There’s no way that what I eat can stop my armpits from sweating.” You are partially correct.

If you have a serious case of sweating armpits, diet alone will not cure you. But even with the most serious case of excessive perspiration, changing your food inputs will reduce the amount you sweat.

Don’t Just Read It.

We get letters from excessive sweaters saying, “I’ve read over your whole website last week, and it was very informative, but nothing worked…”

Well, duh. That’s because you read.

This stuff doesn’t work when you read it. It works when you do it. So if you’re here to read and learn and have some fun, feel free.

But if you’re here to stop excessive sweating armpits, hyperhidrosis, and bromhidrosis (body odor) then you need to do more than read!

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If You’re Overweight

You need to pay special attention to your eating habits.

Click here if you’re overweight, or struggling with weight issues and excessive sweating.

If You’ve Never Detox’d

Then your body is filled with toxic waste. You’re forcing your whole system to work double-time. You should do this ASAP.

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If You Don’t Exercise

You need to start doing that ASAP. This change alone will reduce your sweating armpits and HH significantly.

Exercise Article Coming Soon

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