Sweating Disease (or ‘Hyperhidrosis’) Appears In Many Forms

Some people call hyperhidrosis “The Sweating Disease.” I think this is a pretty good description of it, keeping in mind that disease is simply a dis-ease, or not being at ease.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the different ways (and places) that excessive sweating manifests itself.

Armpit Sweating. Medically called ‘Axilary Hyperhidrosis’ (spelled with two L’s sometimes as ‘Axillary’) sweaty pits are one of the most common forms of sweating disease. This is what my brother and I both suffered from mainly. It can be very embarrassing socially, as it’s easily noticeable (especially if you’re wearing gray!).

Excessive Face Sweating. This is even more noticeable than under arm sweating, and can create humiliating social experiences. The best way to deal with facial sweating is by following our method (specifically, ‘Stackers’ are good for facial sweating).

Sweaty Palms. I suffered from this along with my armpit sweating. This is socially debilitating also. The main reason is our species’ insistence on shaking hands all the time. If your palms are really sweaty one time and someone offers to shake your hand, 1) look at your hand for a second, 2) make an unsure face, 3) close your hand into a fist, and 4) say, “I dunno, my hand’s a little dirty, give me a pound,” as you offer your closed fist for a pound.

Works every time : )

Night Sweats. Night sweats can result in unexpected rude awakenings. Not to mention, a disrupted sleep cycle can have serious health implications. Learn more about night sweats and how to conquer them for good.

Body Sweating. This manifestation of sweating disease (hyperhidrosis) is easier to conceal than other forms, but it gets pretty annoying. Having a wet feeling in general is one of the most irritating things in the world. Sometimes body sweating is associated with other medical conditions such as diabetes or hyperthyroid, so you should see your doctor.

Vaginal sweating. Obviously, this can only happen in women. It is a common problem, though, as I’ve received lots of questions about how to treat it. Like body sweating, vaginal sweating disease is easy to conceal, but very annoying.

Localized Sweating. When you sweat in only one or two of these areas, like say your armpits and palms, your sweat is localized, or concentrated in specific areas. This means that you probably have ‘true hyperhidrosis.’ These cases typically disappear on their own after a few years.

Generalized Sweating. This is when you sweat from most or all of the locations above. If you’re just sweaty in general, but it’s not concentrated in a specific problem area, it’s called generalized. This is an indication that there’s a more serious underlying medical cause, like diabetes.

Excessive Sweating In Children. This guide was written for parents dealing with excessive sweating in children and adolescents. It discusses taking your child to the doctor, finding possible physical triggers, and how to make children feel better about sweating.

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