Excessive Sweating Armpits, Hyperhidrosis, And How We Cure It

Excessive Sweating Armpits and Hyperhidrosis Totally Suck!

Josh and I know because we dealt with it for years.

One day we got pissed and decided that we were going to find a cure for it no matter what it took.

And guess what? We did.

To stop excessive sweating armpits and hyperhidrosis permanently, you have to attack it from different angles.

There’s dozens of remedies (“tips-tricks-treatments-cures”) available to help excessive sweating. And your strategy should be to try LOTS of them.

Most people try 2-3, decide that nothing works, and want to get surgery. That’s ALL wrong.

Try like, at least 10 different things. That’s right, at least 10. But here’s the kicker–you gotta’ ‘Stack’ them.

If you still don’t know what ‘Stacking’ is, just watch the video real quick. This is one of the cores of our philosophy on stopping sweat.

Since curing our own excessive sweating armpits and palms, we’ve helped hundreds of users cure their sweating disease, too. We’ve found that some of the “tips-tricks-treatments-cures” work for many excessive sweaters, and recommend them throughout the website.

We’ve boiled it down to a series of steps that we refer to as ‘Mechanic Method.’ (Mechanic’s our last name)

Mechanic Method is a specific methodology that’s a safe, natural, effective, and permanent cure for excessive underarm perspiration and hyperhidrosis.

The Order and the 5 Models

Remember, you want to try as many “tips-tricks-treatments-cures” as possible. And you want to use different combinations of them (‘Stack’ them).

  1. You start by going to the ‘Doctor’
  2. Then you make changes to your ‘Body’
  3. Then you make changes to your ‘Mind’
  4. And simultaneously you’re ‘Stacking’

So it’s 1-2-3-4…Doctor, Body, Mind, Stacking

You’ll notice that each of the models of Mechanic Method are buttons on the left-hand side of the website. Read about each of the steps in detail.

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It’s not important to go in this order. Schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately, and start ‘Body’ at the same time. Start with ‘Mind’ three weeks after you start ‘Body.’ And you add ‘Stackers’ once you notice a reduction in sweating.

Don’t do them all at the same time. It’s too fast. It’s too many changes happening too quickly, and you’ll never stick to it.

ACTION STEP: Read about treatments that medical doctors can provide for hyperhidrosis and why it’s absolutely crucial that you are working with a doctor

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