Sweat Shields…Do They Work? Should I Use Them?

Sweat shields (also called dress shields, sweat guards, garment shields, or armpit sweat pads) can be an excessive sweater’s best friend.

This article will teach you all about sweat shields. You’ll learn stuff like 1) where to get the best ones, 2) why you may want to use them, and finally, 3) how to use them.

Where to Get the Best Sweat Guard?

There are several providers of armpit sweat solutions that will likely get the job done. Some of the more popular ones are:

People say that some of these companies make sweat guards so good that you can literally put them under a running faucet, and the moisture will not penetrate it.

You can find both underarm shields and also t-shirts with shields sewn into them, (AdvantageWear probably has the
best undershirts for sweating) along with a bunch of other clothing pieces for preventing perspiration.

Not Just for Boys…

…Girls, you can use them too. They also have women’s t-shirts for excessive sweating, along with smaller, more discreet underarm shields for tanks and halter-tops.

Not Just for Underarm Sweating…

…You can also get absorbent protective shields for other areas of your body that may be effected by sweating. They have shields for body sweating and pubic or
vaginal sweating as well.

You can get similar anti-sweating products, and a variety of other sweat protection products from fine retailers like…

We always used Kleinert’s just because we got used to them and they were working.

Why Use Garment Shields?

The most obvious reason to use armpit sweat pads (or dress shields, or whatever you want to call them) is because they HIDE excessive sweating…And they hide it well…Total no-brainer.

And as you begin implementing
our method to stop sweating (Mechanic Method) there will be some time before it starts working.

Throughout this phase, which we call the “buffering” phase, you’ll need a good way to HIDE excessive sweating.

Underarm shields are one of the very best ways to do that.

First of all, nobody is ever going to notice that you’re using them! They’re completely discreet.

Most armpit sweat guard are disposal. When they get all soaked up, you don’t have to wash them! You just take ’em out and toss ’em. Easy.

Second, sweat shields are CHEAP! Everybody that uses them raves that they’re the best investment of money they’ve made.

Okay, okay, so I’m ready to invest in my first pair, but…

How Do I Use Sweat Shields?

Garment shields are super-easy to use. They either 1) stick to the inside of your shirt, in which case you simply place them in the effected area, or 2) they are already sewn into the garment, in which case, you simply put on the shirt.

Either way, they’re really easy.

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The way we used to use underarm shields was we used to get the t-shirts with the shields already sewn in and we would simply wear the t-shirt underneath of whatever other shirt we were wearing.

On hot days, we would sometimes just wear the t-shirt by itself.

Of course, any sweat shield you use will feel a bit awkward the first few times you use it. Just like anything else, do it for a few weeks and it will start feeling normal. At least your sweat won’t be visible during this awkward-feeling time.

Some Suggestions For Sweat Shields

Always bring extras along. Keep some in your car. At your desk. In your locker. Your gym bag. Wherever, just make sure you have them.

Very few things feel better than changing from a soaked dress shield into a nice, dry one.

Oh, and a word to the wise:

If you begin using sweat guards and you like them, STOCK UP.

I have heard countless stories of people running out of garment shields when they need them most. Usually it happens at a time when the chances of getting one are slim to none.

BEGIN STORY… This one time our friend Darrel who has big-time excessive armpit sweat was in Europe on vacation with these girls he knows.

He packed all the underarm dress shields he had at his house. He had enough to have one pair for everyday, and a few leftover.

Make a long story short, he wished to God that he would’ve had more underarm sweat shields at his house. He ran out around the middle of his vacation.

He got online and tried to find some. He went to all types of hyperhidrosis support forums and tried to locate some people near him in Europe.

He didn’t have much luck, and he ended up being self-conscious for several days as he wasn’t able to disguise his sweating problem. Moral of the story: Stock up on sweat shields!! …END STORY

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