Causes of Armpit Sweat and Hyperhidrosis

Looking for the Causes of Excessive Sweating is frustrating. Why? Because nobody really knows!

Kinda’ like the chicken-pox, I guess. It just happens.

But worry not friends, because here at, we’ve spent the last few years devouring every source available on the subject of excessive sweating…

  • First off, we’ve conquered it personally
  • Read all the books and websites in existence about it
  • Scoured medical journals looking for clues
  • And even interviewed several surgeons and doctors

Here you’ll find links to in-depth, original research of what we’ve found to be the most likely causes of sweating…

Your Sympathetic Nervous System. Usually abbreviated to “SNS,” this is the Big Daddy of Perspiration. Learn how it controls abnormal sweating, and what the medical community thinks of it.

More on your SNS and Sweating – how you can actually influence it (even though the medical community may not so much agree–yet).

Causes of Sweating #2 — Emotional Factors. Anxiety, stress, embarrassment, etc. have a monumental impact on perspiration levels. This is a key factor for most. Even if the hyperhydrosis isn’t caused directly by emotional factors, it is absolutely exacberated by it.

Overactive Sweat Glands. This goes right along with your SNS. Learn why your sweat glands over-react, and what to do about it

Underlying Medical Conditions

There are a host of medical conditions and prescription drugs that can cause excessive sweating.

Thyroid problems are amongst the most common. That’s
why it’s important to see a doctor about excessive sweating.

See Sweating and Obesity. Obesity, or excess body fat, is technically a medical condition and can be one of the biggest contributors to abnormal sweating.

Also see “Diabetes and Sweating”. [Coming Soon]

Cause of Sweating #4 —

Hereditary Predisposition. It’s very common for excessive sweating to run through familial lines. Hey, just look at me and my brother!

Because excessive sweating is a touchy subject in most cultures, a lot of people don’t talk about it. It’s very possible that someone close to you–even a family member–is suffering from this condition, and you don’t know about it!

There was a period where my brother and I were both suffering in silence. I had no idea that he was dealing with it and vice-versa. Once it got out in the open, both of us felt a lot better about it. And we were able to support each other and work together to find treatment.

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Causes of Excessive Sweating #5 —

Products You’re using. That’s right. It’s not a typo. There are a hodge-podge of different things that contribute to the causes of armpit sweat and HH.

Some of the common ones are:

  • alcohol
  • cigarettes
  • caffeine
  • other drugs (illegal)
  • other drugs (prescription)
  • certain foods

What you should do is take a close look at anything that you put into (or on) your body consistently.

  • Are you taking a certain vitamin or food supplement?
  • Do you eat a certain food all the time?
  • Do you drink protein shakes?
  • Have you been using the same antiperspirant forever? (It’s a little-known fact that anti-Ps can be one of the causes of armpit sweat.)

Ask some questions and pay attention.

More on the Causes of Armpit Sweat:

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