Chris’ Story…You Can Prevent Excessive Sweating and Cure Hyperhidrosis Like He Did!

I was born on July 12th, 1984 (no hyperhidrosis). I almost died when I was a baby. So the fact that I’m still alive…Kinda’ can’t believe it.

(That’s me in the picture at the top, BTW. Look, Ma’, NO PIT SWEAT!)

The first few years of my life took place in Brooklyn, New York. I don’t remember much from those days (still no sweat), but I can impersonate the accent pretty well (Hey, fughetaboutit!).

After that my family moved to Columbia, Maryland which quickly became my “stompin’ grounds.” I fit in pretty well in Columbia.

I was just a “normal” kid, ya’ know, going to school, hanging out with friends until high school started.

In high school…

I began noticing that I would sweat sometimes. Sometimes I would sweat a lot. My triggers were all social.

I.E. I would get nervous around a girl I liked or something, and BOOM, sweat would start drippin’.

And yea, I noticed the excessive sweating, but I thought it was normal.

That is, until kids started making fun of me about it. If you’ve never been made fun of for excessive sweating, take my word for it, it is not a pleasant experience.

So I spent the remaining years of high school floundering around socially, academically, and emotionally. There was a time when I was feeling pretty gloomy about life in general.

That all started to change as I began learning how to take control of sweating.

I remember the day specifically…

My brother, Josh, came home from school (he was in college) and said he wanted to try something he’d learned about.

He had a tape recording with him of some English guy’s voice talking smoothly and rhythmically.

We went in the basement where it was dark and sat in comfortable chairs next to each other and listened to the thirty minute recording.

By the end, we felt different a little. A little weird. But in a good way.

That turned out to be my first introduction to hypnosis. I love hypnosis, I think it’s the coolest thing, and it’s a good way to cure hyperhidrosis.

Since then, obviously I’ve cured my hyperhidrosis, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore (thank God).

But back in the day, MAN was I sweatin’. There are a few pictures we have from those days (no, I’m not gonna’ show ’em) where I was just drenchin’ through a shirt.

And not only in my underarms, either. I had sweaty palms, my chest would get sweaty, even sometimes my legs.

I was humiliated by it.

When I was younger, other people would make fun of it. But as I started getting older, I was just internally embarrassed about it.

Plus, I wasn’t getting ANY chicks…

I actually got more successful with girls while I was still sweating excessively.

How? I changed my attitude and perception of hyperhidrosis.

Other people began reacting differently to me.?.

Making this website about excessive armpit sweating and hyperhidrosis has been one of the most fun and fulfilling things I’ve everdone.

It feels good to be helping people when you know they’re suffering.

In general, I’m very down-to-earth and caring individual.

I have very big dreams, and I’m determined to accomplish them. (One of my motivations is to be a philanthropist and help children around the world have access to clean water.)

You have the opportunity to donate for the cause. COMING SOON!

Currently, I’m working a 9-5 at a large mutual fund company. It’s customer service (BORE-ring). I actually work 12-9, not 9-5. That frees up my morning to work on my projects.

I love investing. I can spend the whole day reading about stocks.

I believe that anything’s possible in this world. I believe that the way the world actually works is not fully understandable. I think there’re many “secrets” that we don’t know about.

However, I know that we can harness this power. My brother and I used this to cure hyperhidrosis. Clues to the secrets can be found scattered throughout the website. Also, if you want me to tell you about an awesome product that gives you access to the secret, contact us.

So for all the users that are still suffering from hyperhidrosis, I’m sorry. You’ll cure it, I know you will. Congratulations in advance.

For all the users who have reduced or eliminated their hyperhidrosis, congratulations. We love getting your email and hearing about how this site has changed your life. Keep ’em comin’.

With Love,

Chris Mechanic

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