Teen Sweating Sucks… But You CAN Overcome It!

Teens Sweating is HARD, Man

In fact, it’s way harder for teens that sweat excessively than it is for adults with hyperhidrosis.

Teenagers get made fun of!

But don’t worry. There are things you can do to make dealing with teen sweating much easier.

This section was written to help teens cope with excessive sweating.

We give strategies to hide sweat, prevent it, and ultimately cure it.

Excessive sweating makes social situations a little more tricky as well. So we give some suggestions on how to deal with bullies and mean people in general.

Additonally, we show you how to increase your confidence and self-esteem which makes dealing with excessive perspiration much easier.

At the end of this page, you have an opportunity to ask us questions about Teen Sweating and/or comment on other people’s discussions.

Teen Sweating

Deal With Sweating In Social Situations

Teenagers who sweat a lot usually get made fun of! Josh and I know first-hand.

When I was in high school, there was a group of kids that would make fun of me daily. For months, I would just be non-responsive. I would let them say whatever they want, and I would just get embarrassed and turn BEAT-RED.

Here’s how to deal with sweating (and mean people) in social situations.

Confidence: The Long-Term Sweat-Solution

Ultimately, instead of using tricks, tips, and strategies to deal with people who make fun of you for sweating, you should work on developing more confidence and self-esteem for yourself!

Confidence is something that can be developed at will through applying certain proven principles on a regular basis.

It’s like a muscle, where the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

Flex your confidence muscles and you won’t care so much about sweating.

Got a Big Night Coming Up?

Prom, homecoming, hot date, job interview?

If you have an important night (or day) and you want to be extra dry and not have to worry about excessive sweating, there are some specific things you can do to prepare for it.

Specifically for teenagers, this article about preparing your sweat glands for a big night will help.

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Don’t Sweat The Sweating…Especially The Teen Sweating!

Why do we say to especially not sweat the teen sweating?

Because it’s probably going to go away soon. Give your body some time.

In the majority of cases, teen sweaters are cured a few years after it starts.

Teens sweating is more common than adult sweating because of puberty. Yup, I said it. I know it’s a funny word, but I said “puberty” anyway.

Because the fact of the matter is, when you’re a teenager, your body’s going through some BIG changes. That’s why they call them “teen” agers. “Teen” is latin for “big, sweaty, changes“…You didn’t know that? Man, you need to read more! No, I’m just kidding.

It doesn’t mean “big, sweaty, changes.” But still, give yourself some time, and cut yourself a break.

At this point in your life, your main efforts should be on…

  1. Improving your self-esteem
  2. Eating healthy
  3. And treating the hyperhidrosis ([Cough] Mechanic Method [Cough])

More Ideas Excessive Sweating Teens

Best Antiperspirants For Hyperhidrosis. If you’ve never tried one of the over-the-counter antiperspirants especially for excessive sweating, check it out.

Armpit Sweat Pads. These things rock. They totally hide underarm sweating. Plus they’re cheap. Check it out.

Find Other Excessive Sweaters. This wasn’t obvious to me when I was a teenager sweating, but now it sure is! The fact is that 3-4 out of 100 adults sweat more than they would like to (i.e. are excessive sweaters). It is WAY more common than you probably think.

You don’t deserve to feel alone or weird. It shouldn’t be very hard to find some other teens with excessive sweating. And once you find them, you’ll feel a lot better. Trust me.

Of course…

You know that there are other excessive sweaters out there, theoretically. But to see them and hang out with them changes the way you think about excessive sweating and yourself.

Get Active. And I know how it is, believe me. I used to be very couch-potato-ish. It was mainly because of my sweating, too. I just didn’t feel good about myself. You don’t really feel like interacting with the world when you don’t feel good about yourself. I was being very critical and hard on myself.

Getting active makes you feel better about yourself, and ultimately about teens sweating.

Studies show that teens that are active 3-5 times a week are 90% less likely to be depressed than those that are more sedentary (couch potatoes)!It’s almost impossible to be depressed if you’re out-and-about.

So what should you do to get active?

I duno’, what do you like to do?

Do you like any sports? It’s okay if you suck at them, that wasn’t the question. Do you like any?

Just think of some physical activity you could do and do it. You can make it happen. You have all the resources at your disposal.

Guys, weight training is always a good one. Girls, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, all good.

You don’t have to be good at them! You’ll get good soon. Just get out there and have some fun.

Hang in there guys. You’re not alone. Plus, it’s gonna be over soon. We’re here to help, too.

So let’s go over what we learned so far:

How to deal with sweating (and meany-heads) in social situations

Reduce sweating (and care a lot less) by increasing your confidence

Get ready for a big night like the Prom, job interview, etc.

Learn about Mechanic Method, the comprehensive system me and my brother used ot cure our sweating problem. It works well.

What are the BEST Antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis?

Learn about how to HIDE the sweating with sweat guards (or dress shields, underarm shields, garment guards, whatever you wanna call them!

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