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Natural Sweating Remedies

There are all types of do-it-yourself and home remedies for how to stop excessive sweating that you can potentially try. Only few of you reading this will probably have tried many of them, so let’s start from the top:

Herbs for Excessive Sweating

Herbs can be effective in treating a variety of different things from depression and anxiety to arthritis and gingivitis..

They can work for over-sweating too and in fact, have worked for many many sweaters already. They are relatively easy to use, and relatively affordable. Read about the best
sweating herbs and try one!

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Hypnosis for Sweating

I’m a big proponent of hypnosis b/c I have seen it work many times for many people.

Hypnosis was crucial in my own fight to learn how to stop excessive sweating and I continue to use it to this day (mostly for relaxation purposes, but even this promotes less sweating – just relaxing).

Again this one is cheap and relatively easy to do – basically you just sit there and listen. Learn more about
hypnosis and sweating here.

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Foods That Reduce Sweating

It definitely holds true that what you put into your body, you ultimately get out of it – and the foods, drinks, and other things you ingest in your body (I call them “ingestibles” sometimes) can absolutely have an effect on the level of your sweating.

There are a few things that are well known to make people sweat – spicy foods, for instance. being among them. Learn other
foods to avoid and also read about some
foods that can actually help stop sweating.

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ebooks and Sweating Programs

You may have seen ebooks like “Stop Sweating and Start Living” and “Screw Excessive Sweating” and some of the other ones. Well, I’ve read them all. Literally. Some of them are better than others.

These are usually a bit more expensive than the other methods (around $30-$40) but that’s because some of them do work! Making it worth it. Read our reviews of the most popular
sweating ebooks here.

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Antiperspirants for Hyperhidrosis

The most common of sweating cures, antiperspirants are going to be the first thing your doctor will try. Some work better than others.

We hosted a contest where we had users of this site try each of many different popular deodorants/anti-p’s on the market called the
“Quest for the Best” hyperhidrosis antiperspirant – feel free to read about the winners.

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Dress Shields, T-Shirts, and Other Clothing

Dress shields (sometimes called armpit pads, sweat guards, sweat shields, and several other names) don’t actually show how to stop excessive sweating, but rather are an effective and economical way to help hide underarm sweat. They can be particularly cool for people that only
sweat under one arm

If it’s body sweat that ails you, there are also t-shirts for heavy sweaters, and other types of back and body pads that absorb sweat as well.   Back to the top

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What Should I Try First?

This is a pretty tough question to answer. Especially since I’ve never met you personally and don’t know what you’ve tried before. Here’s a good rule to follow, though:   Try something that you haven’t tried before!

If you would like a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how you can stop excessive sweating of the armpits, hands, feet, face, or body in 14 days or less, click here.   That should get you started.

Now, go learn.  

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