What Is This Iontophoresis or Drionics or Whatever? How Do You Use It? Does It Work?

Iontophoresis therapy (also called ‘Drionics’) is easily the most controversial of all the methods to stop sweating (other than surgery).

Many people use them religiously and swear by them. Others won’t touch ’em with a ten-foot pole.

Here, you’re going to learn…

  • What Drionics is and how it can stop sweating.
  • The best way to use it, and
  • Different manufacturers of it, and where you can get them.

What in the Heck is Drionics or Ionto-whatever?

A drionics or iontophoresis-therapy machine is a battery powered device designed to stop excessive perspiration. It sends very weak electrical currents to shock and temporarily disable sweat glands.

It’s most commonly used for hand sweat or foot sweat, and not underarm sweat. However, there is an attachment you can get for your armpits.

So How Does Iontophoresis Work?

It’s very simple actually. It basically works like this…


Sorry about the elementary image. But it doesget the job done.

Buckets 1 and 2 are filled with tap water. The electric box is plugged in, then connected to the buckets.

This design is for palm sweat and foot sweat. You simply submerge your hands or feet into the water which is being charged with a light buzz of electricity from the box.

But What About Iontophoresis For Armpit Sweating?

There is an attachment you can get that allows you to use it for underarm perspiration.

They look kinda’ like armpit sweat pads. You get them wet, so that they conduct electricity.

Then you hook them up to the machine and put ’em in your armpits. (More on this later)

Ouch…Doesn’t That Hurt?

Some people report that “YES!” it hurts…

Others say that it DOESN’T hurt, but actually feels good!

Still others say that it’s slightly uncomfortable, but not painful.

I suppose it depends on your pain tolerance, and everybody’s different.

  • So if you know yourself to be a wuss, then you may find it painful.
  • Likewise, if you’re Rambo, it’ll probably feel good. LOL.

Use a low-voltage current. Most drionics machines allow you to adjust the voltage.

Studies suggest that low voltage used over long periods of time is more effective than high-voltage used over short periods of time (
Wikipedia). So if you try drionics, use a low-voltage current, and stick to the plan.

Does It Work or What?

The jury’s still out on that one.

Some users have reported immediate sweat reduction and positive results.

Others said that they used it for days or weeks and nothing happened.

Still others said that nothing happened for them at first, but then it did stop sweating.

Tricky, Tricky Batteries.

The batteries that drionics machines use are unique. They’re usually available only from the actual manufacturers, which is a major bummer.

Because the drionics batteries are somewhat of a pain-in-the-butt to come by, a lot of users (even if they’re having success) quit using drionics once the batteries ran out.

If you quit after the batteries run out, sweat will likely resume as normal.

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How Should I Use Iontophoresis-Therapy?

Sufferers of excessive underarm perspiration and hyperhidrosis use this therapy in 7 individual sessions spaced over the course of a month.

Each session should consist of 10-15 minutes of current, followed by an additional 10-15 minutes of current reversal.

This method has been effective in about 85% of palm sweat, foot sweat, and underarm sweat hyperhidrosis sufferers (

Drionics is NOT a permanent cure to stop sweating. “Maintenance” treatments may be required when the sweating resumes. Each maintenance session of drionics is supposed to stop sweating for six weeks. Every six weeks, you do another session.

If you’re looking for something that will stop sweating PERMANENTLY, check out Mechanic Method, which is what me and my brother have spent the last several years developing.

Mechanic Method WORKS, if you will work it.

But before starting Mechanic Method, or iontophoresis, talk to your physician about it.

Where Do I Get An Iontophoresis-Therapy Machine And How Much?

There are a bunch of places you can get these online.

One of the more popular sellers of drionics equipment is beathyperhidrosis.com. Their’s seems to be the most high-quality (at least most expensive) at around $900 USD.

A less expensive alternative is available at rafisher.com. This one goes for just under $700 USD.

An even less expensive version is available at chirocity.com.

Also, these warnings and instructions to the user are provided at chirocity.com:

1. Ensure that users read the operators manual for the Iontophoresis machine, follow the operating procedures, and understand the associated hazards.

2. Ensure good skin contact with the Iontophoresis machine electrode. Avoid placing electrodes on areas that have been recently shaved or over skin defects; broken skin and/or gaps between skin and electrode offer reduced resistance, thereby resulting in localized higher current concentrations.

3. Advise the patient to report any sensation of pain or burning during treatment of the Iontophoresis machine .

4. Adjust the current output to zero or minimum before the Iontophoresis machine is turned on or off. Do not turn the device on until the electrodes have been placed and the lead wires have been attached to the electrodes and to the device.

5. Do not remove the Iontophoresis machine electrodes or disconnect the lead wires until the power has been turned off.

6. If a problem occurs, remove the Iontophoresis machine from service and have it inspected

Your Insurance Company May Foot The Bill for a Drionics Machine!

Depending on your coverage, and if you’re able to show that you’ve tried many things to no avail, and that it’s a “medical necessity,” they may fork out the dough.

A lot of times, they will have you pay up front, and then reimburse you. Still…Pretty sweet, right? You will have to get what’s called a “letter of necessity” from your doctor. They will know what that it.

If you ask us,
iontophoresis is notthe best method to stop armpit sweat.

But again, everyone is different. Individual difference is a theme of this website.

Although our Body philosophy Mind philosophy are what worked for us, they may not be the best solution for you.

That’s why we included the steps 3-5 in Mechanic Method. Ideally, you should try Body and Mind first because they are natural, permanent cures for excessive armpit sweat and hyperhidrosis.

If you give them an honest try (at least 3-4 weeks straight) you will get good results. Especially if you’re ‘Stacking’ like you’re supposed to.

So if iontophoresis sound good after learning all this, it may be the exact remedy that you need to stop your excessive sweating. Give it a shot!

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