Is Sweating Through Clothes a Problem for YOU?

Sweating through clothes…If you have hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating) it’s probably one of your biggest problems.

It is true that the actual feeling of sweating can be annoying personally, but if you’re like my brother and I were, the worst part about having hyperhidrosis is that when you sweat through your clothes, other people notice too!

This post proposes a few solutions to that problem…read on.

Sweating Through Your Pits (Underarms : )

The area of a shirt or garment that is most likely to be affected by sweat stains is the underarm or “pit” area. This is because

  1. armpits tend to be a huge problem area for people with hyperhidrosis, and
  2. shirts and garments usually hang very close to underarms, if not actually touching them.

The easiest, quickest, most economical way to prevent the sweating through clothes problem in your underarm area is with “sweat shields” (Kleinert’s makes the best ones).

Sweat shields (also called sweat guards, underarm shields, garment guards, garment shields, and a variety of other names) are very simple and easy to use. You simply stick them to the inside of your shirt and the absorbent material sucks up all the moisture.

We like Kleinert’s simply because they were the most absorbent of the ones we have tried and our users have reported similar results.

Read all about sweat guards or just go straight to Kleinert’s Shields and get some.

Sweating Through Chest, Back, Body

For some people, their main problem area is NOT their underarms, but rather they have BODY sweating. If this sounds like you, believe me, you’re not alone.

Until very recently there was not much that could be done about such problems, but now there are a couple solutions.

First, there is some sweat-proof clothing, like T-Shirts for Excessive Sweating. If sweating through clothes is a problem for you, then these are an absolute must.

Kleinert’s has T-Shirts (and a bunch of other gear) for excessive sweaters. So do other retailers fine retailers like &

Aside from T-Shirts, you can also get sweat absorbing pads for your back and chest. They work by sticking to the inside of your shirt. They’re thin and nearly impossible to notice.

People use them mainly when they

  1. have an important/stressful day ahead of them,
  2. want to wear a certain color where sweating through clothes becomes particularly problematic (like light gray or light blue), or
  3. it’s hot out and they know their back/chest will be sweating.

So there you have it…three potential solutions if sweating through clothes is a problem for you.

Of course, garment shields, T-Shirts, and pads for excessive sweating are all temporary, quick fix type of solutions for sweat and clothing.

You should use them for their convenience, and for your immediate needs, but ideally you should seek a permanent solution.

My brother Josh and I cured our sweating problem in a unique way. It was

  1. simple,
  2. natural,
  3. healthy, and most importantly,

Since then we’ve helped hundreds of people move beyond hyperhidrosis. Our secret weapon is a thing called “Stacking.”

Get more info about how to stop excessive sweating with “Stackers”

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