Excessive Sweating Is Effected By Your Mind And Thoughts

How Do Thoughts Effect Excessive Sweating?

Thoughts have a snowball effect. The more frequently you think something, the easier it becomes to think it again.

When a thought is repeated a bunch of times, it becomes habitual.

A habitual thought is one that has beenaccepted by your SNS (subconscious) as truth, reality. And your habitual (or dominant) thoughts literally create your reality.

Obviously, you never sat down and thought, “I want to have excessive underarm sweating. I want to sweat profusely and feel awkward and embarrassed in social situations.” Of course not!

You’re probably saying the opposite, like…“Man, this excessive sweating is ruining my life, I wish it would go away, why did this have to happen to me, sweating sucks, Joe/Jane never sweats, etc.”

So obviously I’m always thinking about stopping armpit sweat and hyperhidrosis. If this “thinking-for-change” stuff works, then why am I still sweating?

Simple…The thought from above (wishing the sweat would go away) isacknowledging the sweating, giving attention to it, dwelling on it.

Whatever you dwell on and give attention to will continue growing and gaining momentum. Divert your attention away from excessive sweating.

This truth seems logical enough. But if you doubt it, take a look at the thought-contents of your mind, and compare it to the physical-contents of your life.

For instance…

Your repetitive thoughts (beliefs) about relationships will mirror your real-liferelationships.

Your repetitive thoughts about money will mirror your real-life financial standing.

And most importantly, your repetitive thoughts/beliefs about how and when it’s possible to stop armpit sweat and cure hyperhidrosis will mirror your real-lifeperspiration habits.

They will match perfectly every time.

And as your repetitive thoughts begin changing, you will see exciting changes begin to unfold in your real-life.

So we’re focusing here on how to stop excessive sweating. But that’s not to downplay the importance of understanding the causes of armpit sweat. Check that out if you haven’t already.

How To Think To Stop Excessive Sweating And Hyperhidrosis

  1. You must think about your desire in such a way that feels good. (i.e. Visualizing your life after curing sweat)
  2. You must release and spend time not thinking about it at all. (i.e. Spend time with friends, play basketball, work out)
  3. You must spend time everyday focusing only on how thankful you are (i.e. consciously sit down alone and focus on feeling grateful for at least 10 minutes)

The most powerful thought pattern is gratitude or appreciation.

The reason is because when you are appreciating something, you are focusing on something that you like, something that you’re grateful for having and saying, “Yes, yes, yes, I like that, give me more.” And the Universe–or God, depending on your beliefs–responds in kind.

Whenever you’re thinking about something, you are saying, “Yes, yes, yes, I like that, give me more,” but the problem is that most times you are thinking about what you dON’t want. So guess what? You’re going to continue getting more of what you don’t want, just like you’ve asked for.

You have a million things to be grateful for. Seek them out, and spend time paying attention to them. It’s a very valuable use of time. (Gratitude Article Coming Soon!)

As you’re on your way to creating an attitude of gratitude, don’t take things too seriously.

Be playful. Take things light. Realize that you’re not going to be alive forever, and try not to dwell on things that don’t really matter.

More on this stuff later…Now on to…

Techniques To Stop Excessive Sweating With Your MinD!

  1. Basic relaxation – putting your conscious mind to bed
  2. Deepened relaxation – entering the dream-state
  3. Providing instructions
  4. Affirmations – verbal
  5. Imagery – visual

The combined sum of those steps is called “Hypnosis.” You’ve probably heard of it. You’ve probably already developed an opinion of it, although you’ve probably never tried it.

I would highly recommend you give it a go. It costs about $12 for everything you need.

I recently found one that gives specific instructions for excessive sweating! And you can download it instantly and listen to it right now.

Pick up your copy of the excessive sweating hypnosis mp3 and listen to it right now (even if it’s 3 in the morning)

The Two Most Important Things

  1. Be playful – don’t take this stuff too seriously. Have fun with it.
  2. Be consistent – if you expect this to work, you have to do it everyday.

Expect to start seeing results in about 1-3 weeks.