Excessive Underarm Sweat and Relaxation — Part 2

In Part One of this series, you learned the philosophy behind using your mind, your mental capabilities, to relieve Hyperhidrosis, or Excessive Sweating Disease.

In Part 2 of series–Excessive Underarm Sweat and Relaxation–you learnspecifically how to enter a state of mind where you can influence your body in a way that stops sweat! It’s really cool.

This is about deepening that relaxation that you’ve learned to achieve in Step One.

There are several ways to do this. We’re going to present the way we started doing it.

This technique takes repetition to get good at. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work the first few times. Practice makes perfect, and any time you spend on this will pay you back ten-fold.

Not to mention, the sooner you get good at this, the sooner you can end excessive underarm sweat.

If you’re not in the mood to learn all this, or you just want an easy way:

We understand. We do. You just want to stop that pesky excessive perspiration NOW.

You’re in luck. There’s something that you can download and just sit back and listen to it. Instead of manually focusing your attention, this mp3 download does the work for you.

First it makes you super-relaxed so you have access to your subconscious orSNS. Then if gives specific instruction to your SNS to stop excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis.

It’s easy and relaxing. And most importantly, it WORKS. You should try it.

That site is a great resource. It has tons of other useful stuff on it too. Build confidence, have better relationships, create wealth…Browse around…Could change your life.

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Once you listen to the mp3 several times, you’ll get the idea and be able to do it yourself.

From a state of light relaxation (like Step One), we have a little access to the SNS. To really stop armpit sweat, we have to increase that access.

The way to do this is the essence of Step Two.

As you’re lying there comfortably with no armpit sweat, feel the rhythm of your breathing.

Focus your attention on the top of your head.

Say to yourself, “As I lie here comfortably, and I’m breathing in and out, I focus my attention on top of my scalp. I feel a light vibration, a tingling sensation, and as I breathe out, all tension in my scalp melts away and it feels warm and relaxed more than it ever has before.”

Why This Phrase Works

First, because it starts out with two indisputable facts. Two facts stated back-to-back make any following statements more real and credible to our SNS.

“As I lie here comfortably” (FACT #1) is indisputable (granted you are lying there comfortably). “I’m breathing in and out” (FACT #2) is also indisputable. This consciously and unconsciously opens your mind wide to whatever comes next.

It’s a little trick to “fool” your SNS into being susceptible to suggestions to stop excessive underarm sweat.

Work Your Way Down

Use the same script from above, but change the word “scalp” to a different body part. And obviously focus your attention to the corresponding part.

For instance you say, “As I lie here comfortably, and I’m breathing in and out, I focus my attention on my neck. I feel a light vibration, a tingling sensation, and as I breathe out, all tension in my neck melts away and it feels warm and relaxed more than it ever has before.”

Once your scalp and neck feel nice and relaxed, you progress your way down the rest of your body.

Move down to your shoulders after that, repeat the phrase. Then to your upper arms, repeat the phrase. Your underarms, repeat the phrase. Your lower arms, repeat the phrase. Your chest, repeat.

Do this for every part on your body.

Take your time and try your hardest to get really good and relaxed.


This probably won’t work well the first time you try it. It may not work the second time either. You may not notice any difference in your efforts to prevent excessive underarm sweat for a while.

Be playful, don’t be too serious with this. Keep trying! Don’t give up! This will absolutely stop, control, and prevent underarm sweat and hyperhidrosis forever once you get good at it.

Some points on your body to pay particular attention to are your scalp, the back of your neck, your eyelids, the center of your chest, and your solar plexus or stomach.


Once you have gone all the way down your body, you will be very relaxed. But we have to go even deeper to effectively stop armpit sweat.

If you don’t feel like it, and you just want an easy way, click here.

After you get good at this, you’ll feel VERY good at this point. Take some deep breaths and enjoy it. Imagine what your life would be like without excessive underarm sweat.

After you get good at this, you’ll be able to gain wide-open access to your SNS at will. You WILL END excessive underarm sweat.

Your SNS is now “suggestible.” You can now literally make suggestions to your SNS to stop excessive underarm sweat (or any other suggestion you give to it).

Just A Little Deeper

You’ve spent the last couple minutes completely relaxed. You have been breathing effortlessly and deliciously imagining how nice it would be not to have excessive underarm sweat.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath in and at the very top when you think your lungs are full, continue breathing in ever so slightly. Keep your lungs nice and full for about 10-15 seconds or more.

Breathing out is going to feel WAY good. As you’re doing it, imagine that the bed suddenly drops from beneath you and that you are free-falling for a moment.


This will be hard the first few times. But you WILL get good at imagining yourself free-falling. There are some easier ways to go about it, which we’ll introduce at the end of the article.


Repeat this several times. If you’re doing it right, after about two or three exhales, you will begin feeling ligher. It will feel almost like your body is disappearing.

You CAN and you WILL end excessive underarm sweat through your SNS in this deeply relaxed state.

But Isn’t There an Easier Way?

Honestly, this takes a lot of concentration. It’s going to be hard at first.

To supplement your efforts to stop excessive underarm sweat, it’s really helpful to have something to listen to. Something to guide your thoughts.

One of the easiest (and cheapest) ways to do this that we have found is on a site called hypnosisdownloads.com. They have a ton of relaxation and guided meditation downloadable mp3s.

Not to mention hypnosis for excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis! You absolutely owe it to yourself to try this. It costs less than $10 (USD)!

It works as well as having a personal hypnotherapist to stop excessive sweating. Do you know how much that would cost? Try $100 per hour!

Simply going into this state of deep relaxation will help your excessive underarm sweat substantially. This download goes further by giving specific suggestions to your sympanthetic nervous system (SNS).

It could be your $10 hyperhidrosis cure!

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