A Part Of The Formula To Stop Underarm Sweat…Use Your Words!

The truth is, there is nothing more important in life (and stopping underarm sweat) than the thoughts you are choosing to give attention to right now.

A crucial step in learning how to prevent armpit sweat is learning the role of thought.

It’s quite the tricky little subject too. For example, we’re thinking all day everyday, so what are we supposed to do, pay attention to every little thought?

No, that would drive you bananas.

What you do is you create a new thought pattern. And then you repeat the pattern over and over again, until it becomes a habit.

The repetition is extremely important.

I repeat, the repetition is extremely important…The repetition is extremely important, the repetition is extremely important…TheREPETITION…Get it?

The reason that you still have underarm sweat can be traced to your thoughts. You are thinking like a person with sweaty armpits (this must be true, or else you could not have sweaty armpits).

So let’s get to the point—How to prevent armpit sweat using affirmations.

If you’ve never learned about affirmations, pay close attention. This ispowerful stuff. It will change your life.

An affirmation is a phrase or sentence that you repeat out-loud (or in your mind if you can’t out-loud) that states your goal as if it has already been accomplished.

It serves as a suggestion to your SNS (or subconscious) which is responded to immediately.

Before you create an affirmation, you have to know some stuff.

1. Always keep it positive

Avoid using negative words like “don’t,” “never,” “stop,” “won’t,” etc.

The reason for this is because when you use those words, you are actually going to be stating (and giving your attention to) what you don’t want.

For example (if you didn’t know better) you may say, “My armpits don’t sweat anymore.” But this works against your armpit sweat.

It actually draws attention to your armpit perspiration. You don’t really want to say “armpit sweat” at all.

Instead, state the desired outcome. An affirmation such as, “I always feel cool and dry, even in stressful situations,” is much better.

Aside from just using positive words, the affirmation that you choose has to make you feel good. This is almost as important as the “repetition” thing.

If your affirmation for whatever reason (even if you can’t figure the reason) kinda’ puts you down in the dumps, DON’T USE IT.!.

It will only increase your underarm sweat.

Every subject is really two subjects.

Take underarm sweat as an example…One subject is the presence of armpit perspiration (feels bad), while the other subject is the absence of underarm sweat (feels good).

They’re total opposites. But if you’re practicing everyday, and you still have sweaty armpits after 21 days, you are giving attention to the presence of underarm sweat.

An easy way to know whether you’re going in the right direction is by the way you feel, i.e. your emotions. If you are truly focusing the way you should be, you should feel excited, positive, grateful, etc.

But if you are feeling negative, you are giving attention to the wrong side of the pole.

2. Always keep it present

Don’t make statements about the future or the past. Say it as if your desired goal is here now.

Don’t say “I will feel…” simply say, “I feel” as if it’s your current reality. Obviously it’s not, but you’re imaginative. Put on your play-time hat from when you were a kid.

Pretend that whatever thought you give attention to (the joy and freedom you feel from the absence of underarm sweat) is manifesting right now.

With this imaginative and playful mindset, it should be easy to keep it in the present, and also conjure up the feeling associated with the end result goal.

3. Always keep it personal

Always use the first person, “I” to begin your affirmations. You can also use “my” or “me” as in “My armpits are always cool and dry.”

Pretty obvious, but some people have trouble with it.

If you need help, never be shy to contact us. We love hearing from ya’. And we’ll even help ya’ for free.

So now that we know how to structure affirmations, here are a couple examples you could use. Choose whichever one draws you in, or feels good.

“I always feel cool and dry, in every situation” “I sweat the normal amount” “My body is so efficient, I barely ever sweat” “I control my sweat, even when I’m hot” “I feel so good knowing that I’m dry and confident” “I feel free and confident with my underarms being dry” “I’m so glad, so excited that I never have to think about my underarms again”

Feel free also to create your own. Make sure it makes you feel good about yourself.

Also, in addition to using affirmations to stop underarm sweat, create some to increase your self-esteem.

My favorite one is “I love myself!” I like to say it enthusiastically.

There are some ways to super-charge the effectiveness of affirmations to stop underarm sweat. They are listed in the order that you should read them.

Use relaxation to super-charge.
Use visualization to super-charge.
Use hypnosis to super-charge.
Use NLP to super-charge.