Control Excessive Armpit Sweating With Your SNS

What’s My SNS And How Does It Control Excessive Armpit Sweating And HH?

Excessive armpit sweating is controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS). We know everything there is about it. And yet, we know very little about it.

That was like a Zen riddle. I’ll explain what I mean soon.

By the end of this page, you’ll be well on your way to using your SNS to stop excessive perspiration forever!

What Does My SNS Do?

Let’s start with some quick facts.

The SNS controls some VERY important bodily functions (i.e. we would die without it).

The sympathetic nervous system reaches into almost every organ system of your body (kidney, lungs, liver, pancreas, etc.) and makes sure that they are all doing their jobs.

This includes big, important jobs like breathing and filtering toxins from your blood. But it’s also in charge of some less important things like goose-bumps, pupil dilations, and excessive armpit sweating (well all sweat, really).

What’s surprising is that even though some functions are life-and-death (quite literally), we don’t even have to think about them!

Let me rephrase (read this carefully ‘cuz it’s important)…We don’t think about them consciously.

But behind the scenes, and under our conscious radar, our subconscious is working diligently 24/7 (even while we sleep) to regulate these functions.

So in reality, we are thinking about it (kinda’), we just don’t realize it.

For sufferers of excessive underarm sweating, our subconscious is sending messages to the SNS to produce more sweat than we really need. And these messages are one of the main causes of armpit sweat.

And so, the question becomes, “Do we have the power to consciously effect our subconscious mind? And if so, can we use our conscious mind, to influence our subconscious to stop the underarm sweat?”

The answer, by the way, is a resounding and enthusiastic “YES!”

However, when you read about excessive underarm sweating and the SNS, most people claim that it’s involuntary—that you CAN’T control it, that you CAN’T consciously stop excessive armpit sweat.

The reason is because most websites about excessive underarm sweating are made by doctors that perform surgeries to stop the sweat. They make a lot of money from the surgeries, so their opinions are clearly biased.

Don’t listen to them.

We’re here to tell you that you ABSOLUTELY CAN control excessive armpit sweating with your mind!

And it’s simple. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. It takes practice and dedication.

You think you have what it takes? Good. I was hoping you’d say that. Take some actions steps below.

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