Sweating and Flirting w/ Boys – OMG!

Author: Karina
Location: Arizona

Hi there,

This Question Is About Sweating and Flirting With Boys–I’m a 15 Year Old Girl And Very Flirty.

But I Like This Guy And Can Never Actually Flirt With Him (Cuddle, Hug Closely) Because He’ll See My Sweat Stains….

Then There Are Other Girls That Are Way Prettier Than Me And Don’t Sweat At All…Not Even In Gym Class!!!!!!!

I Get Really Madd And Then Jus Hate Myself What Do I Do?!


Hi Karina,

Chris Mechanic here. I know exactly what you should do about your problem (not wanting to flirt with boys b/c they’ll see your sweat stains).

There’s a few things. First, read the article about sweating and dating (new window). THEN, start doing what it says : )

The fact is (and this is part of what that article says) that other people don’t notice your sweating as much as you think they will.

You’re 15 right now, so this may be hard for you to grasp. But people are WAAAAY more concerned with themselves than they are with you.

Here’s a couple of good strategies to make boys notice you in general, regardless of any perspiration issues…

First, make fun of him every once in a while. This is especially effective if a lot of other girls pay this guy attention. Don’t say anything too mean, but just be a little zingy. Say something like, “Didn’t you wear that shirt, like, yesterday?” and smile.

This will get his attention.

Second, flirt with other boys and let him see it. This works well for almost any romantic situation. If this guy likes you right now a little, he will like you quite a bit more if he sees you having a great time with another guy. Believe me.

Third, try to reduce the sweating. This will help solve your cuddling problem. If you want to reduce underarm perspiration, there are a bunch of things you can try.

See the doctor about Hyperhidrosis

Try good antiperspirants

Pay attention to the way you’re eating

Learn about how thoughts effect sweating

Stack, Stack, Stack

Let me know how things go!

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