Sweat Question – I Have a Baby Girl

Author: Manon
Location: New Brunswick

Question: Hello, I have a sweat question for you…I have a year old girl and I have tried almost everything out there but still sweat a lot and wet her clothing ..Can you help me?

Thank you.

Answer: Why yes, I can help you. That’s what I do actually : )

With regard to your sweat question, I just want to clarify that I know what you mean first. You’re saying that you suffer from hyperhidrosis (heavy sweating) and you would like to stop the sweating so that you don’t get her clothes wet?

Is that right? That’s the first thing I would like to know.

Second thing, you also mentioned that you tried several remedies to stop the sweating. So I’m also curious about what remedies you have tried, and what happened with each of them.

Because there are about 10 or 20 things I can think of off the top of my head, which are potential ways to stop the excessive sweating. So depending on what you’ve tried, I would recommend one or more different tips.

There’s a lot of different content on this website you can read that will help you determine what things to try, so I’m just going to point you over to some of it.

First thing you should think about–which is probably the most popular remedy and helps the majority of people experience some relief from their sweating are antiperspirants.

Whether we’re talking prescription antiperspirants, like the ones you get from a doctor (like drysol) or regular over-the-counter antiperspirants like Odaban or Maxim that are made especially for excessive sweaters.

Some people even report that these antiperspirants can work too well, drying out their skin, and causing irritation.

Second thing I would do (actually I may do this first) is see a doctor about the sweating. There are several reasons that seeing a doctor is important. Mainly, because the sweating could be a side-effect of more important, dangerous, diseases.

Definitely a good idea to have a doctor working with you.

Lastly, I would recommend specific remedies. Things like maybe

Sage tea and other herbal remedies

Sweat guards (or “sweat shields”) to prevent the sweat from going through your clothes

Eating (or not eating) certain things

And a neat little trick called “Stacking”

Spend some time and read around on this site though, you’ll enjoy it.

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