Is It Hyperhidrosis, Or Am I Melting?

Author: Anonymous

My sweating started 10 years ago after the birth of my child. Before that I can only recall 2 “melting” instances.

For the first couple of years, the problem was mostly armpit sweat. After using Drysol for about a year, my hyperhidrosis mostly went away only to return last year with a vengance.

I turned 40 and I started sweating on my face, neck and chest profusely.

I have consulted a GP, a Gyn, and an Endocronologist. Every doctor I have consulted just looks kind of dumbfounded and blames it on premenopause.

It’s an easy answer but it’s NOT what I’m suffering from. I’m not mearly having “hot flashes”, I literally melt. I have given up coffee, tried Beta Blockers (which put me to sleep at work), had acupuncture and drank an herbal tea whose recipe was compounded for me. This tea seemed to work, however I soon could not afford acupuncture any longer and didn’t have access to the tea anymore.

I live in humid Florida and on a bad day, after 1 minute outside sweat has popped up and a half minute later, I am dripping. Hey- but at least my armpits no longer suffer. I have found more information about my condition on your website than in all of my research combined in the last year.

I see a place where I can order a tea (and I will) and I’m going to have to give Stacking a try.

Oh, and you are cute too. Thanks for your help guys.

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