To Stop Armpit Perspiration, Avoid These Things Like The Plague!

Foods can affect both the amount of armpit perspiration and its potency (or smelliness). This section shows you how to cut down on both the amount of armpit perspiration and the smells associate with it.

If an herb, spice, or flavor enters your body with a very sharp taste, it will exit smelling the same way. When I eat curry, for example, any underarm sweating comes out noticeably smellier. The foods and reactions will vary from person to person. The general rule of thumb is that spicy foods yield “spicy” sweat.

You need to stay away from foods that do not agree with you. You know what they are better than anyone else does.

With regard to the amount of armpit perspiration, when the digestive system has to work hard, it interpreted similarly to stress. Stress increases your body’s production of armpit sweat (among other things). To avoid this, eat foods that work with your system, instead of against it.

We have consulted with close to two dozen people who experienced BIG relief in both the amount and smelliness of armpit perspiration with these methods.

It may not make a lot of sense that eating (and avoiding) certain foods can stop your excessive armpit sweat, but give it a try, and you will be a believer. THIS STUFF WORKS!

Not only will it stop armpit perspiration, but it will make you feel much better in general, and promote a healthy weight.

We’ll start with the black-list of foods that you should never buy or eat.

The Sour side of Sweets

We need sugars in our diet. But there are different kinds of sugar (some good and some bad). Certain types contribute directly to armpit perspiration.

The main culprit is called “high-fructose corn syrup.” This stuff is absolute JUNK! It clogs up your digestive system causing not only underarm sweating, but also weight gain. It also inhibits your body’s ability to absorb Magnesium, which is an important mineral to stop underarm perspiration.

Unfortunately high-fructose corn syrup is so cheap and delicious, that food makers LOVE to use it. Be savvy. Don’t fall victim to their corner-cutting.

Read the labels of any processed foods (anything in a box, bottle, bag, or can) that you have. If high-fructose corn syrup appears in the first three ingredients, dump it (or donate it to the Red Cross).

When you start reading labels you will be dumbfounded to find that almost every processed food has this as a major ingredient. So what are you supposed to eat? Click here for tips and strategies.

You will notice a BIG decrease in your underarm perspiration (and feel noticeably better) if you take this one simple step. But follow the entire Mechanic Method and your armpit sweating will vanish completely.

Nix the Processed Foods

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Follow the first principle and this will (kinda’) happen automatically. Rule of thumb—if it takes longer than 30 seconds to read the label, if you need a dictionary, or if you can’t pronounce the words, don’t buy it.

These unnatural chemicals make your systems work harder. They make you feel like crap, gain weight, and are definitely culprits to your underarm perspiration.

They’re expensive too, when compared to the good stuff.

Slow Down on Fast Foods

I know it’s convenient. I know it’s cheap. And I know it’s delicious. Nobody’s saying you can’t have it ever, but the fact of the matter is it contributes to armpit perspiration. Particularly the saturated and trans-fatty acids found most concentrated in burgers and fries.

Do you live on fast food? You’re in luck. There are some good options offered at almost every fast food joint that will be easy on your armpit perspiration and your waist line.

Cool Off with the Hot Drinks

Anything hot increases your body temperature, which promotes armpit perspiration. Coffee hurts particularly because it has lots of caffeine. This makes your SNS work harder, as you probably know by now.

Need a boost in the morning or for your afternoon slump? Find some other options here.