I Stopped Drinking Milk and Sweating Stopped Instantly!

Author: Rachel
Location: Virginia

I have been having hyperhidrosis symptoms for many years. It had gotten so bad that I would literally soak through as many as four layers of clothing under my armpits!

Nothing I did ever seemed to work: powerful anti-perspirants, tissues pinned under my clothes, baby powder, deodorant soaps, sage tea, etc.

I dreaded being in public because of the obvious sweat marks that never failed to seep past my tightly clenched arms.

Finally, last week, I found my cure!

For entirely unrelated reasons, I decided to go off cow’s milk for a time and start using rice milk. My sweating stopped instantaneously. It was incredible. I went back to cow’s milk for a day and my sweating came back just the same!

I had tested negatively for lactose allergies a few years ago, so I’m really not sure why milk was doing this to me for so long.

The intense sweating was probably my body’s way of releasing all those harmful milk toxins. (Supposedly, I have heard that everyone is really lactose intolerant?) But regardless, today for the first time in years, I wore a single shirt and didn’t sweat through it at all!

So whatever the reason, it was such a miraculous cure I just had to share it in case it works for someone else!!

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3 responses to “I Stopped Drinking Milk and Sweating Stopped Instantly!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been wondering why i’ve stopped sweating too…. only just found your post….and figured out it was b/c I was drinking MILK!

    I’ve been a big tea and coffe drinker since i was a teen, and started sweating a lot when i hit puberty. Tried lots of different antideoderants and none really help.

    In 2008 I downsized my company so there were only 3 of us, and started to waste a lot of milk… So we started to get coffeemate…

    Last summer was the best i’ve ever been for not sweating.

    In hindsight, I remember going on holiday to spain and greece and sweating very little… it was bliss….(Only drank water and beer) it never clicked it could be milk until I read your post.

    It all fits… wow…. thank you 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    wats there in milk which cause sweating.I somehow for no reason was not drinking milk for 1 week and it seems that sweating has reduced a bit.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks for posting this, i tried it and the results were instant . . . .

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