Excessive Sweating Under One Armpit

Question: Any ideas on what would cause excessive sweating under one armpit more than the other?

Answer: Actually, no. I really don’t know what causes excessive sweating under one armpit and not the other one.

I have heard of it a bunch, people talk about it all the time. It seems to be very common actually. I have absolutely no idea what causes it, but I do know how to fix it!

If you are suffering from sweating under one armpit you can employ the exact same techniques that we employ for sweaters suffering from sweating under both armpits.

You know what that is, don’t you? It’s called Mechanic Method!

Mechanic Method works the same whether you’re suffering under just one arm or if you are sweating normally under both arms. The steps in Mechanic Method are as follows.

First, you go to the doctor. We have written extensively all about things to ask your doctor, what you can expect your doctor to say, what you can expect your doctor to give you, etc. Read the section about sweating and the doctor.

Next, you start the Body part of the program. This is where you start understanding the causes of sweating as it relates to foods you eat and drinks you drink. You will also be learning other things about your body and your metabolism during this time and start exercising. Read the section about sweating and your body

Then there’s also the Mind section and then a section on Stackers.

Get the WHOLE story! Learn Mechanic Method – The Ultimate Cure for Excessive Sweating

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  1. KASHINATH says:

    I am Kashinath not able to reply from my rediffmail.com, hence i want to thanking you for all your mail.
    I have started taking my old medicine with new belief and also excersize meditation as you told about subconcious mind.

    Thanks & Regards

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