Helpful Tips to Stop Body Odor For Both Men & Women

Author: Vinace
Location: Philippines
tips for stopping body odor

These are my most helpful tips to stop body odor. These will prevent and/or eliminated bad odor (or odour for my European brethren 🙂 ) in both men & women.

A little about me:

My name is Vinace & I come from the Philipines. I have I suffered from bromhidrosis, or excessive body odor, for a while, and believe me, it is the WORST thing you may ever experience and some said it is forever if you have it….What??

Not that I’ve found this website & know that other people are dealing with the same thing, it gave me some hope.

I totally disagree that this has to last forever. It all depends on your lifestyle on how to manage it…

I know that my words are not just as powerful as those who write well but but believe me guys! This helps you a lot to get rid of this. Ok

Tips to stop body odor #1 – Knowledge

Have knowledge about body odor and all things that about it…


When you wake up in the morning, think about something that will make you happy. Ok


When you think of happy memories your body temperature regulate to cool temperature. If you think something bad you are getting nervous; your body shakes and your temperature becomes high that will lead to excessive sweating.

Note from the editor: This is very true & very effective. Learn more on how your thoughts effect sweating & body odour here.

For women & men, sweating is the normal body response to our daily activity.

There are two types of sweat glands:
1. Eccrine glands
2. Apocrine glands

Eccrines glands are sweats glands that found around the body. they produce sweat usually clear secretion composed of:

-Water plus some salt (Na = sodium chloride)
-Vitamin C
-Metabolic waste such as ammonia, urea, uric acid
-Lactic acid = chemical produces during heavy muscle activities.

This is also called as body’s heat-regulator
which supplied with nerve endings that cause them to secrete sweat when external temperature or body temperature is high so when sweat evaporates off the skin surface, it carries large amount of body heat with it. So in hot day drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Apocrine glands are sweat gland that usually found in axillary (underarm), and genital areas of the body. This gland is usually larger than Eccrine gland and their ducts empty into hair follicle. Women have more of these than men. The sweat is composed of:

-Fatty acids
-and the sweat composition of eccrine glands.

This is usually or may have milky or yellowish color. The secretion of apocrine gland is ODORLESS, but when the bacteria in the surface of the skin use the proteins and fats as source of nutrients for their growth, it develops a musky unpleasant odor.

Apocrine glands begin to function in puberty age in both sexes but usually in males because of the influence of androgens (a male sex hormone) although both sexes have this hormone in male the level of androgen is high compared to female is low.

Note from the editor: This is also true & important to understand. Learn more about your body & how sweat glands work here.

Tip #2 – Smell youself

Smell yourself from underarm to you genitals.


Because the bacteria usually accumulates in this part that causes body odor.

Tip #3 Take a bath

if you smells something unpleasant….
take a bath immediately to get rid of unpleasant odor….

When you take a bath get a clean towel or scrubber to scrub you body especially in your underarm and your groin and genitals…. wash this part with soap..

in buying soaps, buy a soap that has ingredients that stops and kill the bacteria usually labeled as skin germ protection soaps……

do not buy soap that has a high level of perfume and alcohol. do not use soups that has a moisturizing effect. because if you use this in your underarm the skin will not be dry.

Tips to stop body odor #4 – Deodorants

Use deodorants not only antiperspirant but also antibacterial…..

Do not use dedorants that are high in perfume because as you notice you smells like deodorant and meanwhile became foul.

Do not use deodorant that has a high level of alcohol if you dont want to have black underarm.. because to much dryness can cause skin cell to die and meanwhile become a bacteria that promotes body odor..

I know you became confuse let me elaborate…

Deodorants that has a antibacterial and antiperspirant effect will keep and stops the sweating activity in the underarm for 24 or 48 hours and the feeling is fresh because no bacteria is presence and also the food of the bacteria…

While deodorant with high level of perfume and alcohol can cause you underarm to irritate that will lead to allergic reactions.. and causes you underarm to have cuts because of to much dryness.. the cuts will cause foul smell because it is an open wound and the foul smell fuse to perfume unwanted pleasant occurs….. get it ok!!!!!

Tip #5 – Washing Clothes

Wash your clothes immediately!!!!

If you did not wash your clothes immediately the bacterial activity continues in your shirt and multiply continuosly…..especially to your wet in the sweat shirt…..

Technique for washing your shirt:

1. wash first
2. use a antibacterial washing powder…
3. soaked you clothes for 30 min to 1 hour
4. after 30 min to 1 hour.. wash your clothes with your hands by rubbing it vigorously.. or use a net to scrub it especially in the underarm area and you underwear……
5. then soak again in 30 min to 1 hour..
6. after 30 min to 1 hour wash again 3x
7. let it dry in under the sun..
8. iron you clothes, take not especially in the underarm area… if you iron it the bacteria will die in heat.. but after ironing and you smell unpleasant odor you did not wash your clothes neatly…

Always remember…

do not use fabric conditioner because the underarm natural odor will fuse and unpleasant odor occurred…

If your using washing machine always scrub the underarm area of you shirt….

Do not wash your clothes if the sun is not their especially in rainy days because the insect will nest in wet area of you clothes especially mosquitos, and the insect is dirty and full of bacteria that will transfer to your clothes.

Tips to stop body odor #6 – Diet

Do not eat to much fatty foods, meats, oily foods……

Remember this..Oils, fats after eating will be eliminates in the body in the process of sweating and urinating so beware or minimizing eating it

Do not eat preservative can goods. Instead eat quaker oats to eliminate fats through bowel movement.

Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and to neutralize liquid in the body…..

Note from the editor: Also very important. Read more on how what you eat & drink can effect hyperhidrosis & body odour here.

Tip #7 – Do not borrow others clothes

Do not borrow others clothes because body oder is transferable… if they have body and you borrow their clothes and wore it their is a high possibility that you can have body odor…and do not allow anybody to borrow your clothes also…

Tip #8 – Change

Always change you clothes if you sweat excessively….to prevent bacterial action to spread in your body through wet shirt..

and always wear dry clothes….

Tip #9 Again Take a bath.

Again after daily activities before going to sleep take bath to stop the spreading of bacteria in you bed cloth…. and use new clothes and apply deodorant in your underarm..

Prevention Tip #10 – Sleep early

If you sleep early your body cells and tissues will repair when you sleep.. the early you sleep at night the longer you body will repair it self inside and outside…

hope this tips will help you to your daily activities struggling and eliminate body odor and prevent it from coming back…

My name is VinAce…

If you have questions or Comments or Problem Regarding this tips to stop body odor issue…You can send me a message in me email add:

Just put the subject..

E-mail: vinace_ace_123 at

Thank You very Much….

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19 responses to “Helpful Tips to Stop Body Odor For Both Men & Women”

  1. Chie says:

    Hi Vin,
    Thank you very much for your tips to stop body odor!

    I shall pass this to my friend. It will help her tackle the odor that she smells from her own body. She is a beautiful lady and it is sad to see her that way.

    Thanks once again and have a lovely new year!!!
    Regards from Chie

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I have a rare situation because when I get nervous or anxious I sweat through my scalp opposed to armpits. Since there is no Deodorant for the scalp, it kinda sucks because there’s no way of masking the smell.

    What do you suggest I should do? I tried using Drysol on my scalp and that just caused pimples…do you have any suggestions or tips?

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow.. while i am reading this.. i thought i was the one who wrote it.. because i’ve been suffering from the same problem for many years. I’ve been reading about the cause, treatments and how to avoid it and I end up doing everything that you adviced us to do..but one important step that I did not see is that … I pre-treat them with white vinegar. at least an hour before washing them, I soak the underarm area with white vinegar then handwash the underarm area before I put them in the washer.. it works for me.. i hope this helps other people too.

    Jen Baul

  4. Anonymous says:

    i need help…i didnt start smelling until about a year ago…i’m 26, so not puberty…i have bad anxiety which gets me sweating, but been dealing with that for years and the sweat never bothered me. no big change in diet, although always constipated. my feet and armpits are the worse. i shower twice a day and in the matter of hours i’m sweating. it has taken over my life, i’m a hermit now due to it. could there be any underlying health problems or do i need an enema or what. i have no idea what to do. if anyone can help i can more in depth but for now…this will work

    • Diego says:

      Wow. That is exactly what happens to me. I get really nervous and start sweating. The sweat didnt really matter until like a year ago. Now i really smell bad and I’ve tried every single deoderant. But im 14 so it might be because of puberty, maybe not. Im going to try these tips and see how it works out. Am you’re right, it has taken over my life. I cant do the things I usually do :/

  5. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if this could be a medical condition

  6. Anony says:

    Hi. I am having the same problem. It started when I was 26 (now 27 years old). I have suffered from anxiety. I have a history of feeling fatique and fainting. But now its like I’m having menopause early, with a really strong ammonia smell. One minute I will feel cool, the next minute I feel my body temperature rising and receive strange looks from people because of the strong smell. I have been to countless doctors. Every single one aknowledge (by their expressions) that I have a horrible body odor. I just don’t know if its from food or an illness. What should I ask the doctor to check for? (they all seem to go by whatever I say instead of running tests and doing there job)

  7. Y.P. says:

    hi i’m a girl. recently i have body odor when im sweating. i dont know why.. last time i dont have it. i feel very not-confident whenever wearing sleeveless clothes or hang out with friends and im a dancer so i sweat a lot when dancing. i never use deodorant before because last time i dont have body odor 🙁 i want to use it now but im afraid if my underarm skin turns black. do you know what brand of deodorant that makes your skin not turns to black?

    i have insomnia, i often sleep only for 4 hours and i’m not sleepy at all, plus i like to eat junk food. hate veggie ! is it all the reason why i have body odor? but if it all the reason, why i have it recently? not long time ago?.. oh, and i’m not fat.. even though i love to eat junk food but i eat only once or twice a day in the small portion.

    please please help me 🙁

  8. Jesusfreak says:

    LEMON JUICE AS DEODORANT (BEST DEODORANT RECIPE EVER): two parts water-one part reconstituted lemon juice-together in a small squeeze bottle. Put several drops on the end of a small sponge and wipe armpit in several directions, then repeat above with the other armpit. WORKS GREAT!! WARNING-DON’T TRY THIS SECOND METHOD: I once used the scrubby pot & pan side of the sponge rubbing briskly my arm pits, and I stopped smelling for about a week. The bad side of the scruby pad technique is it cause swelling of the pits for a couple of days, but it did last about a week.

  9. pinkpearl says:

    Thank you for the tips that will be useful for those bad odor problems. I’m a lady so it’s so disgusting that I am experiencing this body odor even though I’m taking a bath, using deodorants and changing clothes everyday. hope you have more tips to help me in this problems. Thank you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Also tried 1 to 20 conc. bleach water wipe of underarms after shower (just used a towel and soaked it with the rinse). Let dry and then an anti-perspirant. That works wonderfully to keep the odor away all day.

  11. Jenny says:

    No matter how i bath my body smell,i use anti bacteria soap Doeudrant but few mins after bath it comes again.

  12. Micol Joy Colico says:

    Hi, I’m Micol I am 11 years old, but I noticed that I think I have excessive sweat. I have sweat in hand and feet so I think I am. I try tawas, kalamansi, and deodorant but still. Pls. help me cause I am Filipino and I know about English but still can you help me? This is my E-mail you can send a message at Thank you!

  13. anonymous101 says:


    Just like anyone who suffered from body odor, I suffered the same problem for years. It’s quite embarrassing and people doesn’t understand. I shower twice, sometimes three times a day depends on how much sweat my body produce in one day. People thought I was just being untidy. Like I don’t know personal hygiene until I discovered some things… I have medical condition called hyperhidrosis. I sweat all over my body including my head. But what’s bothering me is my underarm, groin, hands and feet. It’s terrible. I discovered Botox can treat my excessive armpit sweating. That went well but it doesn’t stop the odor. My mother found a deodorant that not only whitens my underarm but it reduces the smell as well. I’m using the Feelin’ fresh from Avon. Amazing isn’t it? I’ve been using different clinically proven underarm protection which not only darkens my underam but it also make my underarm itchy and stinky. As far as the groin I’m using a Summers eve powder. Not only it keeps my groin dry but it reduces and eliminates the odor all the time. For my feet, I’m using the Dr Scholls Odor-x. this works like wonder. I wish I found out all of these long time ago. As far as my hands? there is nothing that i can do about it but wash it every time it sweats and just apologize to however i shake my hands to. a change of my diet also helps eliminate the odor. I eat anything with fiber in the morning, heavy foods but less oily food at lunch and light foods at dinner time (salad for example). I eat fruits morning till night. I drink lot’s of water. I also exercise everyday. So, in other words… not only it eliminates the body odor and I am stinky free but I also lost a lot of weight… thank GOD. By the way, to those who are like me… don’t be afraid to come out and say somethng about it. True friends can help you find the answers and give you the boost of confidence. I’ve been hiding my medical condition for years and I guess people push me to the edge that I’ve decided to come out. True friends understands your condition and they will stand by your side no matter what happens.

  14. kEISHA says:

    I have suffered from underarm odor since a young girl! It’s so bad that when i take a shower immediately i have to take another one. I have tried every kind of deodorant there is! Nothing seems to work! I even tried the apple cider vinegar, baking powder & cornstarch, etc. One day i was sitting on the couch and I decided to try Hand Sanitizer…..IT WORKED!!!!!! I mean i applied it to a napkin and let it under my arms for about 3 mins. I did not smell for the rest of the day. I will never buy deodorant again! I’m not sure if you are supposed to use it under your arms but it does kill germ(bacteria) thats not wanted. I am really happy with the results. So far so good! 🙂

  15. Anonymous says:

    hi, im 16 y/o and im really trying to eliminate this foul smell of mine. im taking a bath “naman” everyday. “bakit kaya?” so i thought maybe it’s because of the food that i eat. So, i am watching my diet now and drink a lot of water. hope after a month or so this will completely vanished. i will also try your tips in terms of washing the clothes. cause its kinda embarrassing, well not kinda totally i mean.. i tried a lot of deo and antiperspirants but it doesn’t work and it only caused irritation in my armpit. so i guess maybe this time it will work. i hope so, cause it’s Hell having this B.O… THANKS AND GOD bless

  16. Sumi says:

    Thanks so much, on behalf of the general public, because everybody has body odour to lesser or greater degree, for taking the trouble to put it all down so clearly and in small detail.
    You may be helping a lot of people practically and equally, psychologically, to know that they are not alone and need not live like hermits, as one commentator has written, and that it is just a human condition for which humans themselves have to find solution to. Good and practical-minded human beings like yourself. So thanks again!

  17. amina says:

    I have been experiencing underarm odor since a teenager and Im 42. It has improved alot over the years because i have done alot of detoxing and i changed my diet.

    However i noticed I thing that has not changed… I used to work for a company that made us wear all black years ago. I noticed that the smell was worse and so was my sweating when i wore black.

    I just recently got a job and have to wear black again and the same issue is there. Im so stuck right now and its so embarrassing because i am working with the public. Does anyone else have this issue with black shirts??? If so please enlighten me on what to do. I need my job and i want to be comfortable.

  18. mach says:

    Hello everyone! I’m also a sufferer of bromhidrosis (feet) which led me to search about it online. Have you heard of TMAU (trimethylaminuria), a metabolic disorder wherein your body cannot break down the trimethylamine. It’ll be carried out of your body through sweat, urine, or other bodily fluids, thus, causing body odor which mostly can be in our breath, underarms, feet, but can also be present in other parts.

    Like most of us here, it indeed needs lifestyle changes starting with diet. Less sugary foods, less protein-based food (meat, eggs, milk), less junk foods, more water (as in I force myself to really drink more water than juice now).

    As much as I wanted to diet, TMAU diet requires rice and certain vegetables that are low in choline. In my case, I can eat meat (protein) for as long as I take it with rice. That’s how it works for me. The low choline, I don’t really watch myself from those. Some vegetables have high choline. You can search it online.

    I also eat less caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea, softdrinks). It makes us palpitate, thus sweat more.

    Sleep for 8-10 hours per day. My odor was worse with puyat. Think positive. It helps. I always bring Truong Son (parang White Flower). I put some in my nostrils to help me relax. It’s far less painful than hearing hurting gestures or comments.

    After bath, I dry the area, put Milcu Tawas Powder to absorb moist. It can be used for underarms as well. (I’m also using Milcu underarm rollon, and okay naman, well, I don’t really have problem with my underarm but you can give it a try). I then put alcohol so it is thoroughly dry. In my shoes, I put Dr. Scholl Odor-X and it works wonders! The activate charcoal I think is key. So if you have body odor, try nyo searching activated charcoal, there are soaps being sold. There are some as alternative meds in capsule form. Baka you can give it a shot, I think it’s for detox. The activated charcoal in Dr. Scholl insoles works for the feet. It might work in the underarm as well in some other form (either soap or meds).

    There you go! I hope this helps.

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