Excessive Sweat Tips That You Can Use Right NOW!

Excessive Sweat Tips?

Who wants to talk about “tips” for excessive sweating, when you can talk about real remedies. You know, like long-term solutions that are cheap, healthy, and work well.

Tips! Heh.That’s funny

But nonetheless, as you’re working our system, you’ll find that some of thesweat-stoppers take time to kick inSo here are some “Excessive Sweat Tips” or ways you can deal with perspiration until you begin noticing results from the system.

(Remember, time, diligence, and patience grass-hoppa’)

These are things you can use NOW. They’re quick, temporary fixes. Not intended for long-term use.

Bring another shirt.

Sometimes referred to as the “pit-sweater’s insurance policy,” this strategy is one of the oldest. If you’ve been sweatin for a while, I bet you’ve done it.

Why such longevity and popularity? Because it’s so easy!

Just pop a couple freshly laundered shirts in your car. Or if you don’t have a car, put a couple shirts in places that you find yourself frequently. You know, work, school, friend’s house, friend’s car, etc.

But yea, Josh and I used to have shirts stashed everywhere. It’s a good excessive sweat tip. It’s saved our butts a million times : )

It’s the best feeling in the world when you’re able to change into a nice, clean shirt from a sweaty one. Just sneak away to the bathroom and change it real quick.

While you’re at it, you might as well have some sweat guards to put into your shirts. They’re cheap, easy, and effective.

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Worried That People Are Going to Notice You Changed Shirts?

First of all, hate to break it to you, but nobody cares that much about you to notice.

Everybody’s too busy thinking about themselves.

But if somebody does notice, tell them that you’re the biggest clutz and you constantly spill stuff on your shirts.

Say it light-hearted and jokingly. Complain jokingly about how expensive dry cleaning is these days.

Soon, you’ll get a funny reputation for spilling.

Perspiration Stain Got Ya’ Down? It’s okay, there’s ways to get rid of even the toughest pit-stains. Not only are there a ton of products you could use, but there’s also household ingredients which remove stains. Read about some of our home-made perspiration stain remedies.

Speaking Of Shirts. Obviously light colors show sweat much more clearly. Definitely stick to dark colors. Black is the best. The darker the better. Except ironically, white’s not too bad. Light pinks work sometimes, too.

And guys, if you’re thinking, “I can’t wear pink,” think again. Pink is the new stink. From what I hear, chicks dig it. LOL.

Best Excessive Sweat Tip of All-Time


Grays of any kind show excessive sweat clearly. I repeat:


Most blues suck as well (except super-dark blue). And almost all lighter hues of colors are no bueno for heavy sweaters as well.

And here’s the 2nd best excessive sweat tip ever…

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Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Choice of fabric is crucial for excessive sweat.

Why? Because most perspiration is cyclical. At one moment, you’ll be fine, maybe just sweating a little.

Then something causes you stress (anxiety, nervousness, anger, etc.) and it’s like, BOOM, somebody opened the flood gates. And then comes the profuse sweating.

But then after the stress passes, you’ll go back to the light sweating. (Or none at all, preferably.)

Certain fabrics dry much more quickly than others. So if you have that episode where you sweat yourself silly, if you’re wearing the wrong fabric, you’ll be wet for a long time.

When we started noticing that certain fabrics stayed wet for longer, we did a little experiment. We took four shirts, made from different materials, and wetted the underarms with a tablespoon of water. We then timed to see how long each underarm took to dry.

Cotton takes the longest to dry. It takes over 3x longer to dry than the quickest drying fabric, polyester. 3x! Absolutely wear polyester if you have excess underarm sweat! That’s one of the best armpit sweat tips out there.

More About Shirts (and Dresses.) If you haven’t used them already, you should try underarm sweat shields. They’re cheap and easy. Nobody will ever know you’re wearing them either. They do a great job at masking excessive sweat.

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This Is Not A “Lie.” When you lie down horizontally, underarm sweat stops completely! This absolutely works, especially for underarm perspiration. Something happens that causes sweat glands to relax and slow down.

It may not be practical to do this in certain places, but a lot of times it is.

Have a sheet or blanket around and you can stop and lie down pretty much anywhere there’s grass. Just close your eyes and nobody will know what you’re doing. They’ll think you’re sleeping!

Air It Out. Wear light, loose-fitting clothes to stop excessive sweat from showing up. Anytime there’s air flowing, position yourself in a way that your sweaty areas receive some air flow.

Like in the car when the window’s down, or the A/C’s working…You can position your armpits and body in such a way that they receive big-time air-flow.

Another good excessive sweat tip…Accesorizing. Wear a jacket, blazer or cardigan. They make you a bit hotter, but since they’re thick they’ll hide excessive sweat.


These excess sweat tips will work, but they’re temporary solutions. My brother and I worked for over 3 years to perfect a system for stopping sweat. It’s not instant and it’s not miraculous, but it works.

There’s so much more to life than sweating. You deserve to stop excessive sweat, control it, and prevent it from ever happening again!

You ABSOLUTELY can stop hyperhidrosis and excessive sweat from controlling your life.

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