Excessive Sweating? Wear Button-Up Shirts.

I actually just discovered this the other day.

I consider myself cured of hyperhidrosis, but ya’ know, every once in a while, especially when I’m in a sticky situation of some type, the flood gates will open, if you know what I’m sayin’.

So the other day, I’m at work, and my manager tells me to come see him in his office in 30 minutes.

I’m like, “Holy crap! Is this because of that issue that I forgot to work on, or because of my chronic latenesses, am I going to get fired, etc.”

I have been doing some things recently at work that have been less than spectacular, so it could’ve been one of dozens of things that he wanted to talk to me about. I was a wreck, and I was sweating bullets.

So I hurried off to the bathroom to take care of business.

I was wearing a button-up shirt. So all I did was actually (without even having to un-tuck), just opened the first few buttons, grabbed some TP, and dried up real quick. Then I took a few extra pieces of TP and stuck them to my still-moist pits.

Luckily, I got to the bathroom in time before my actual shirt got wet. The TP, although a temporary fix, definitely gave me the confidence I needed to deal with the situation. It’s not like I was hoisting my arms up in the air or anything, but I was not anxious or nervous that people would see.

But the main point is, wear button-up shirts.

I was thinking about it, and what happens if you’re in the car driving, it’s hot and you start to sweat. Well if you’re wearing a regular polo or other type of sleeved shirt, you’re kinda’ screwed. You have to un-tuck if you’re tucked in, and then you have to awkwardly maneuver some way to get dried up.

Or of course you could just not do anything and sit there and sweat, but who wants to do that?

But if you’re in a button-up, all you gotta’ do is just un-button a couple buttons, and there ya’ go, instant access.

Also, always wear an undershirt! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone without an undershirt, and regretted it.

If an undershirt doesn’t provide enough protection (I used to soak through friggin’ wet suits), use sweat shields. Those things work. You can get good ones from kleinertsshields.com, or for more information click here for the Bye-Bye article on sweat shields.

If you don’t like the way undershirts look, get a V-neck. You can’t see them under most shirts.

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Until next time, my lovely readers. Please don’t let anybody make you feel bad. You are perfect just the way you are NOW!


Chris Mechanic