Vitamins For Body Odor

Lot of people have been asking me recently if there are any special Vitamins for Body Odor.

Right off the top of my head, I hadn’t heard of any specific vitamins that would be effective against ‘Bromhidrosis’ (nerd-talk for B.O.). So in my typical fashion, I took my query to Big Daddy Google.

Big Daddy Google did lead me to some very interesting insights about this Body Odor problem and when I combined it with everything else I’d been researching recently, it all started making a lot of sense.

I don’t want you to get too excited, but I think I may have found a cure for chronic, offensive Body Odor.

So Are There Vitamins For Body Odor?

Well, yes actually. Well, kinda. There’s this natural product I recommend to people that is said to help with body odor. I never used it specifically for Bromhidrosis, but I did use it as I was Stacking (What’s Stacking?) to cure my hyperhidoris.

But I found something else that’s even cooler. It actually points to something that could cause body odor directly…

Did you know–according to an article at–that your colon can be retaining up to 10 POUNDS of “undigested food, foul and putrefied fecal matter” all trapped in your intestinal tract?

10 POUNDS! That’s disgusting.

So what it went on to say was that among other things, this clogged-up colon can be a source of a whole hodge-podge of different medical conditions…

Heart palpitations, headache, hypertension, decreased energy levels, looking and feeling bloated, fatigue, excessive sweating, and yup, you guessed it–Body Odor.

When I learned that, I thought, “Vitamins for Body Odor? Screw that, I want the cure!”

So as I continued consulting Big Daddy Google for different answers, something else occured to me too…

You see, there are a few ways to get all that junk build-up out of your body. The most common way is through a Detox of some sort. That’s when you drastically change your eating habits for a set period of time. Usually a few days or weeks.

But once you finish with the Detox–and believe me, I Detox once every couple of months–your body starts acting and feeling differently.

Apparently, your body operates a whole lot more efficiently in the few weeks after a good Detox. Which makes sense, being that it was just cleaned out. It’s like how your car feels a little younger after a tune-up.

So anyway, with your body in tip-top shape, it absorbs nutrients better. So if you end up wanting to try vitamins for Body Odor, then if it’s going to be effective, it will be much more effective after a nice Detox fast.

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