Body Odor Myths and Misconceptions

There are a lot of myths about body odor–a little-known disease called “Bromhidrosis” medically–and a couple of “Big-Daddy Body Odor Myths” that I’d like to address here.

Hopefully this article will clear things up from both sides of the equation:

Person A – one who suffers from Bromhidrosis, or chronic body odor, and

Person B – one who does not have Bromhidrosis, but comes into contact with it.

That may not have made perfect sense, but try to stick with me.

Big-Daddy of the Body Odor Myths

*Person B (the one w/ no B.O.) thinks that Person A (the one w/ B.O) lacks adequate hygiene.*

Easily the most common of the myths and misunderstandings is that the person suffering from Bromhidrosis can simply take a shower, use deodorant, and eliminate the excessive stench.

While this is true in some cases–that is, some people do stink simply b/c they lack adequate hygiene–in other cases it is completely inaccurate.

One of the early users on the bromhidrosis forum told us of how she suffered from a metallic body odor that was very offensive to people around her. She told us of how she showered and bathed sometimes several times per day, and experienced no relief from the odor.

But, there are some times where people are simply unhygienic and this lack of hygiene is their cause.

How to deal with the Big-Daddy of Body Odor Myths

Depending on whether you are Person A or Person B, the way you deal with this situation is going to be different.

If you are Person B (w/ out Body Odor) – If you like the person that smells, or you have to deal with them frequently and their odor is a problem for you, you have to bring it up.

Bring it up?

Most people feel bad doing this, because they think it’s “mean”. I can understand that, and it can be mean, depending on how you do it. But NOT doing it can be much meaner.

It is very similar to dealing with somebody that has a booger hanging out of their nose. It’s like, yea, they’re going to get a bit embarrassed when you tell them about the boogie, but they can at least fix the problem to prevent future embarrassment.

By bringing it up, you will immediately be able to tell two things:

  1. Whether they know about the problem. And
  2. Whether they care.

Before you bring it up, be sure that you’re somewhere private. Don’t do it in front of a big group of people. Try initiating it unassumingly by saying something like, “I think I forgot my deodorant or something…” while lifting your arm and sniffing your own pit.

If you observe the person carefully, their reaction will give you a glimpse into the awareness they have of their issue.

*If they don’t react, it’s likely that they are not aware of their problem. In this case, you should let them know. Tell them that “Bromhidrosis” is a common disease with many myths and misconceptions surrounding it, but that you know how to cure it.

Send them to this site.

*If they get visibly embarrassed, they are likely aware of their problem and are trying to stop it. Tell them that you just actually read an article about a condition called “Bromhidrosis” which is a common, treatable condition (this will make them feel better b/c most people don’t know it!)

Send them to this site.

If you are Person A – Be aware of your problem and the fact that it could offend others, and don’t be inconsiderate. Don’t ask to borrow their shirt, for instance. But feel free to be open about it, and make off-hand remarks like, “Man, this deodorant I use sucks…” while lifting your arm and smelling your own pit.

In fact, be open about it in general. Be open with your parents (if applicable) and especially your doctor.

But the most important thing you should do is find a cure for Bromhidrosis. This site will help you on your way tremendously. Check these out…

Vitamins for Body Odor

Bromhidrosis and Chlorophyll

Baking Soda Helps Against Body Odor

The 2nd of the Big-Daddy Body Odor Myths

Is one held only by people that actually suffer from the condition, and that is that the condition cannot be cured.

This idea–that Bromhidrosis is incurable–is absolutely BOGUS! Bromhidrosis is totally curable. I’ve seen it happen before my own eyes. I’ve seen it happen in as little as 5 days! Believe me, it’s possible.

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