Certain Dri & This Website Save My Life

Author: Anonymous
Location: Midwest

Here’s the story about how Certain Dri (an antiperspirant for excessive sweating) and this website save my life!

Here we go…Well, I don’t know how I started the excessive sweating, but I think it was sometime in 8th grade. Right now I’m in the 10th grade.

I tried the Adidas antiperspirant and that worked for like a month and then I guess my body adjusted to it. Same with the Clinical Strength Degree.

I tried Clinical Secret and that didn’t work at all. Then about a month ago it got worse. Before it was only sweating through t-shirts and thin shirts and then it started going through thick sweatshirts.

I think part of the issue was anxiety about sweating because it only did it in public or at school.

It wrecked my day though.

I’d have to always worry about grabbing things on the high shelves in my locker and having someone seeing the sweat stains, so I’d end up putting my arms at my sides most of the day and that only made it worse.

Finally i got fed up with it because it was getting really frustrating, because i couldn’t even wear sweatshirts anymore to cover it up.

So I found this website and realized that it’s more common than i thought. I read about DrySol and everything else and i decided to talk to my parents about it. They said they didn’t want to have to take me to the Doctor for it.

So i looked at Walmart for anything there, even the underarm guards, and i found Certain Dri. Its an antipersperant, and it was about $5.

You put it on at night and in the morning if you want, with a regular deodorant. It makes the pores smaller, it kinda shocks them or something. It stings a little and itches when you first put it on but i can deal with that, because it actually works. I only sweat a little bit, if not at all, the more u use it the better it works. I can now wear normal shirts.

Certain Dri and this website saved my life.

(Wow, good story!)

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