Been Suffering with Under Arm Sweating Since I can Remember

Author: Kelly
Location: UK


I have suffered with under arm sweating since I can remember, which is kind of a long time : )

After years of trying things like prescription antiperspirants like Driclor, and over-the-counter antiperspirants for excessive sweating like Certain Dri, etc. nothing stopped the sweat.

I even had Botox for sweating done a few times…that didn’t help either. I was diagnosed with having severe excessive under arm sweating and advised to have surgery for sweating.

I had the sweat glands removed via excision (I think it’s called “Retrodermal Curetage” in the states) and it worked WONDERS for two-and-a-half years.

I was blissfully happy for the first time in my life. It did leave some pretty bad scarring, but that didn’t bother me.

Unfortunately, however, the sweating returned, though not as severe as it was the first time but body odor has returned which has been bothering me recently.

Now I’m back to being down and depressed again. Has anybody else had this procedure done?


P.S. I love your site, by the way. I’m buying the book!

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