Details About Retrodermal Curettage and Excessive Armpit Sweating, Hyperhidrosis

Retrodermal Curettage Should End Excessive Armpit Perspiration Forever!

But use it as your final option. Before pursuing it, I would highly recommend following our system for at least a few months.

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But regardless, this article is about retrodermal curettage, the surgical procedure of choice for sufferers of excessive armpit perspiration.

We know the frustration you are feeling. We were frustrated just like you not long ago. We want to commend you for proactively seeking solutions for this annoying sweating disease. Give yourself a pat on the back.

And don’t worry, there’s absolutely light at the end of the tunnel. If you have indeed tried everything else, you are now eligible (in our opinion and the insurance company) for a surgical procedure to get rid of that pesky armpit sweat once and for all.

Is Retrodermal Curettage Right For Me?

Retrodermal curettage is the procedure of choice for sufferers of excessive armpit perspiration. It is commonly referred to amongst surgeons as the “new-old” method. It is completely different than ETS, and should not be confused.

Again we stress, retrodermal curettage is the right procedure if you suffer exclusively from excessive armpit sweat. If you also have sweaty palms, for example, you may want to consider ETS. Retrodermal curettage also eliminates bromhidrosis (stinky armpits).

How Does Retrodermal Curettage Work?

The procedure is similar in principle to liposuction. The surgeons scrape the tissue under the skin. One or two tiny (0.5-1cm) incisions are made in the side of the chest wall, under the armpit area.

General anesthesia as well as a lidocane solution are used to assist curating and to minimize pain and bleeding after the operation.

The curettage is then performed in a criss-cross type pattern to remove the tissues that are causing the underarm perspiration. The surgery has a success rate of over 90%.

Recovery is generally easy, the procedure is outpatient based. A follow up visit is usually scheduled for 24-48 hours after the operation. All surgical dressings are removed at this visit.

There are not a lot of restrictions when it comes to day to day activity, but exercise should be avoided for about a month. The healing process is generally uneventful, though.

Possible Complications of Retrodermal Curettage

Occasional skin loss can occur. This eventually heals, though, and only leaves a small scar where your excessive armpit perspiration once flourished. So, no biggie if you ask us.

Also, some small fibrotic bands may appear (they look like stretch marks). They usually go away in a couple weeks or months. Again, better than underarm sweat, right? Nobody will see these through your shirt.

Lastly, your skin may be a little discolored in your underarms. But who cares, really?!?

Remember, unlike ETS, there is no compensatory sweating. So, now you can truly say bye-bye to your excessive armpit perspiration and hyperhidrosis once and for all.

Looking for a good surgeon nearby? Contact us with your geographic location and a brief summary of your sweat-story.

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