Trying to learn how to stop sweating

Author: Anonymous

Well, I remember when it first happened. I was only eleven and I started soaking the arm pits of my t-shirts. Ever since, I have been trying to learn how to stop sweating.

My friends noticed and would ask concerned, “Are you hot?” Two years later, the problem became constant, and now every day is a constant battle for me.

My main problem is under my arms, but i have a little trouble with my hands too. I hate it so much, every day I feel the wetness and barely move my arms, trying to figure out how to hide sweating.

I never raise my hand, rarely hug anyone, never cheer excitedly. I’m already a self-conscious person, a thirteen year old female, and with something like this, I really don’t want to go outside sometimes.

Finally, I’m hoping to try something called Drysol, because in Canada, there is no other options. Even if there was Botox for teens, I couldn’t afford it.

For everyone else, I have some clothing tips. Black can be classy and beautiful, just find the right style for you. For instance, while buying my grad dress, I had only one option. Black. White is okay, but it can show up. Your best bet is black or patterned clothing.

I hate this horrible curse and every day pray for it to stop so I can live a confident, happy, and free lifestyle. I know I’m not the only one, but I feel so alone.

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