Topical Antihistamines for Sweating

Location: Tennessee

Have you or your readers had any experience with the use of topical antihistamines (e.g. Benadryl lotion) for sweating. Or antihistamines used in conjunction with antiperspirants? I ran across a patent reference (US4234566) that describes this to be an effective approach.

The patent is fairly old, but results reported were quite good, so I’m surprised this approach hasn’t garnered more attention. I also have found references describing the successful use of oral antihistamines for controlling sweating induced by SSRI type antidepressants.

I am trying the approach following some of the examples cited in patent with Benadryl (diphenhydramine). So far results look promising. But I was curious if others have had luck with this and/or had any negative side effects?


Response from Chris

David, thank you for your question on antihistamines and sweating. I have NOT heard of anyone using this, but it sounds interesting.

For readers that don’t know, antihistamines keep mucous glands dry to prevent moisture from getting your skin wet. So it’s logical to think that they could potentially have the same moisture-reducing effects on sweat glands.

Since antiperspirants & aluminum chloride work in a similar way, where they essentially plug overactive sweat glands to prevent excessive sweating, if you use them both together, you might get double the effect.

But at the same time, using them together might be unhealthy or dangerous.

I’m really not sure so I’m reluctant to recommend it. But it’s worth a shot.

If I were you, I’d try using topical antihistamines for sweating, but I may discontinue antiperspirant use if you’re going to do them at the same time.

Switch from an antiperspirant temporarily to a deodorant to control body odor. And test the antihistamine to see how it works for a week or two.

If you try this, please do report back to let me know how it goes. Thanks again for the thoughtful question.

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