Sweaty hands, feet, and armpits

Author: Anonymous

Hello, I am 13 years old and I’ve suffered from hyperhydrosis as long as I can remember. Specifically, sweaty hands, feet, and armpits.

When I found this website it made me realize how many other people have this. I was amazed.

My sweating is really bad because when my hands sweat, my feet sweat, and then my armpits sweat.

Or it can go the other way around.

My sweating seems to be connected somehow. Thats why I can’t wear shoes. Yes, thats right I can only wear flipflops or crocs.

My hands and feet can be completely dry, but the second I put on shoes they sweat like CRAZY.

It doesn’t matter if i’m wearing shorts and a tanktop. They just sweat like crazy the moment I put on shoes.

I feel so stupid not wearing boots in the winter. I tried wearing boots when it was about 30 degrees outside and I went to school but when i got home the boots were SOAKED inside.

Another time, when they were sweating at their worst, was one day in gym. We had to hold hands with someone who was our partner.

I got paired up with this guy and the moment he touched my hands they started to DRIP sweat. I could tell he was REALLY grossed out.

You could see the sweat on the floor. My hands are dry right now but i can feel them getting less dry as I think about them sweating.

Do you think this could all be a mental thing for some people?

I mean, if i talk about my sweaty hands or feet or whatever they start to sweat OR sweat worse. But once they start sweating theirs no way to stop it.

I’ve tried a lot of your suggestions under ‘your mind’ but none of them worked. I guess I just have one thing to ask you…can please help me, like give me a suggestion, on how I can wear shoes?

Reply from Chris:

Holy crap, your sweating is all mental! YES, a lot of people’s sweating problems are multiplied by many times because of their MINDS!

That’s why we have a whole section about it on the website.

I know you said you read it and tried all the stuff and none of it worked. But I urge you to read it again, because it DOES work.

First read

This piece about how to relax

Once you can get yourself in a relaxed state, say the following to yourself in a relaxed, confident voice..

“I wear shoes and my feet feel fine…totally dry and comfortable”

Say it in your head like it’s an assumption, not something you question, but something you just know.

Also, while you’re in that relaxed state of mind, try saying other nice things to yourself in a soothing voice.

Like, as you’re lying down and feeling relaxed, say,

“I feel really good right now, and I’ll feel really good tomorrow, too!”

Or maybe,

“Life’s good, I have a lot to be thankful for”

Or maybe,

“The world is a friendly, abundant, providing place”

These are just some things I like to say to myself. You will have to find your own phrases that you like to say, and use them.

Each person is different, so my phrases may not be interesting to you – you need to make your own phrases.

Click here to see how to make your own positive affirmations

Hope this helps.


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