Sweaty Armpits – How Can I Wear Colorful Shirts And Not Have Sweat Stains

Location: Florida

I have sweaty armpits and OMG its so embarassing!!!! I love wearing cute T-Shirts and colorful ones but they show my perspiration problem…

I HATE it then i have to put a jacket on…my question how do i wear colorful and cute T-Shirts without the sweat showing?

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One response to “Sweaty Armpits – How Can I Wear Colorful Shirts And Not Have Sweat Stains”

  1. Chris says:

    This is a good question and a dilemma for many-a-people with sweaty armpits. There is a quick, easy solution that could very well work for you…

    They’re called Sweat Guards or Sweat Shields and they may single-handedly cure your problem by enabling you to wear those cute shirts you like.

    Just click on that link above and read all about them. There’s a company called “Kleinert’s Shields” that makes really absorbent, top-quality ones. Also, Kleinert’s and other companies make actual t-shirts that have sweat-protection built into them.

    I don’t know how you classify a “cute” shirt vs. one that’s not cute, but check out some of the shirts made at Kleinert’s shields and also other companies like Advantage Wear and Under Armour.

    Let me know how stuff works out with your sweaty armpits. Stop back in and upload a picture of yourself wearing one of your cute t-shirts : )


    Chris Mechanic

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