Sweating Sucks Balls

Author: Aubrey
Location: Orange County


This is me…(NOT sweating too bad!)

Basically, I’ve suffered–haha key word is “suffered”–from from excessive sweating (ya know sweaty hands/pits/feet – hyperhidrosis) since i was a little kid…and as much as i try to forget about it, it always comes back to haunt me.

I’m big into art, dance, music, currently in hair styling school (which would be alot easier withOUT sweaty hands trust me), and im a very social person. except for the fact that IM A FREAKIN SWEATY MO FO! Which is so sucky, and embarassing, and I try to hide it soo much.

Most people just think im weird or quirky when i avoid holding hands or shaking hands, but im really just so aware of my sweat and i dont want them to know or be grossed out!

I’m considerate of others, and of course ive been teased and questioned, specially when i HAVE to shake a hand or it will be way rude, or when i have to hold hands in dance or something…

Well point is. i wear alot or layers, black shirts, socks, and i even tried to rock the gloves a few years back, but it got too weird in the summer. Haha, lame.

Im just so glad to read about some actual people who have the same dealio as me, and im really looking forward to this whole ‘curing it’ thing. that would pretty much make me the happiest most confident winner in the world…cause sweating is the only thing holding me back from being really awesome at what I do..

Well anyway. lets all keep thinking non-sweaty zen thoughts.


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One response to “Sweating Sucks Balls”

  1. Bath Hands says:

    Hi, first thing I have to say looking at your photo (opens in a new window) is that you’re so beautiful!

    Sweating is such a bitch and the misery in my life. I completely relate with your story and where you’re coming from.

    I too am really out going, sociable, in to art and all that. But this “bath hands” situation is holding me back in so many ways.

    For instance, i really wanted to study physiotherapy at university…can you imagine?!! haha, my patients would get a sweaty bath as well as a massage!! haha

    Well i’m 26 years old, and i’ve had this disease since the age of about 8. It was really really bad during my teenage years, everyday was about “hiding the sweat”.

    It’s still quite bad now, but not constant, i’m affected on my hands and feet and it really does like i’m cupping water.

    I totally know how you feel about the hand shaking and being considerate to others…im a teacher, and i have those anxieties in the classroom everyday when it comes to marking work, holding a book, not being able to work the smartboard because my fingers are wet and worst of all passing a pen to someone and seeing that expression on their faces, when they’re thinking eek, why is this wet?

    I feel for ya sister i really do. All the other HH sufferers i usually come across only seem to have the armpit sweat, which by the way i’ve noticed i’m getting more and more of lately.

    Anyway so sorry to go on and on and not be able to offer any advice, i’m afraid i’m still searching for something that works myself.

    Oh one question to anyone that’s reading, How does someone like me go about having an intimate relationship with someone??? (opens in a new window)

    I get a lot of attention from guys but never allowed anyone to get close…I’m so scared that they’ll think i’m disgusting, or wierd or unclean or something.

    Bath Hands

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