I’m 13 And I Sweat A LOT

by David
(Buffalo, New York, NY, USA)

Okay so I’m a 13 year-old boy and I sweat a LOT.

I’m kinda overweight, which certainly makes me sweat more — but I’m working on that.

I sweat a lot, FAR too much. Both in my underams and excessive facial sweating is a problem for me, too.

To make matters worse, I have longish hair which you would think would HIDE that but it actually makes my hair look like it’s just been in a rain storm!

I literally DRIP sweat!

Recently I haven’t been sweating AS much thank god but it’s still noticeable.

I do shower every single day and I also shampoo & conditioner every day (my hair gets greasy a lot because I sweat so much!!)

But anyway it’s making me smell and everything

I really need help. I sweat a lot. it’s not even funny!!


Hi David, thanks for the question. I’m sorry that you’re sweating a lot.

BUT — there is some stuff that you can do to help a LOT!

FIRST OFF — I may consider cutting the hair. Especially if you’re having facial/scalp sweating and it’s making you look like you’ve been in a rainstorm!

That’s pretty ridiculous. Have you considered cutting it?

SECOND, remember not to take it TOO seriously. I know it seems like a really big deal.

But you’re 13 years old and you have a long life ahead of you. On the grand scheme of things, it’s NOT that big of a deal.

Chances are, it will clear up by itself as you finish growing.

THIRD — there are all types of products to reduce excessive sweating that people who sweat a lot have used.

Things like herbal teas, armpit sweat pads, antiperspirants and Drysol will likely help you very much.

But what a lot of people don’t realize is that the reason that they sweat a lot is because of their THINKING.

That’s right, your thoughts have an effect on how much you sweat.

Think about this: Do you tend to sweat more when you’re at home by yourself or when you’re out in public?

Most people don’t sweat much at all when they’re by themselves, b/c they’re cool and comfortable.

But social encounters can produce anxiety which can produce sweating.

See this article on the Vicious Sweat Cycle and how to break it.

I hope this stuff helps you.

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