Hyperhidrosis or Something Else?


I don’t understand.. I do sweat profusely but only in certain situations. I sweat when I work at my job, when I meet people (usually girls), and even when I meet my own friends (guys or girls, don’t seem to matter).

However, when I’m at home, not a single drop of sweat. Or if I’m with one of my family member and we go out, no sign of sweat.. and what’s more intriguing to me is that when it gets close to the time to meet my friends, go to work, or go to school.. my armpit starts damping up, and by the time I get to my appointment, the underarm part of the shirt will be immensely soaked.

So is this really a case of hyperhidrosis or is it something else like social anxiety problem or something? I was very shy when I was young, now I don’t have that problem but this underarm sweating situation does not help me to be confident with being myself.

I just wish I could perhaps one day wake up, shower, and put on any shirt I want and leave the house without worrying about carrying an extra shirt.

I tried some hyperhidrosis antiperspirant such as Certain Dri (which doesn’t seem to work for me.. used it for a week and gave up, I still have the bottle) and this product I bought years ago, and it worked wonders but I can’t find that particular product anymore.. and I even forgot the name of it.. sigh

Anyways, any input will be greatly appreciated. And I love your site and what you and your brother is doing for every victim of this “dis-ease.” Anyways please keep writing, you are so very helpful and I’m very lucky to land on this site.

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2 responses to “Hyperhidrosis or Something Else?”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Dan, how’s it goin’ brotha’?

    Thanks for the question and all the nice compliments. I’m glad you’re enjoying the site. I know I certainly enjoy writing it.

    This sounds like a classic case of ‘Situational Sweating’. It’s DEFinitely not full-blown hyperhidrosis. BUT, nevertheless, I know it’s still annoying as hell.

    Most hyperhidrosis sufferers have a situational component to their sweating. They may not be completely dry like you when they’re at home, but sweat-levels are certainly higher at some points than at others.

    There have been a couple of similar questions on this board that I have answered which I want you to take a look, like this one:

    Katya Sweats Only at School (http://www.bye-bye-excessive-armpit-sweat.com/i-sweat-only-at-school.html)

    Also there’s a newsletter article I wrote for Excessive Sweating Anonymous called “Breaking the Vicious Sweat-Cycle.” (http://www.bye-bye-excessive-armpit-sweat.com/ExcessiveSweatingAnonymous-excessive-sweating-8.html)

    Other than what you read in those two articles–and SERiously, take the time to read them, you’ll like them a lot–you should try some hypnosis to boost your confidence.

    It works really well. Almost kinda’ magical if you stick with it consistently. Plus, you can use hypnosis to do a whole lot more stuff than stop sweat. You can use it to increase confidence, overcome anxiety, love yourself more, achieve goals, develop certain personality traits, there’s a ton of stuff you can do with it.

    I got into it about 5 years ago, and I’ve been addicted ever since. When I got started we used to go to hypnotist’s office and pay her 50 bucks an hour, like old-school style. These days, you can download hypnosis mp3s for $12 (go to ‘Your Mind’ at the top left —> Hypnosis) and they get the job done.

    Hope this stuff helps, brotha’.

    Chris Mechanic

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Chris,

    I just spent about an hour reading that whole post and all the stuff it links to. I learned a whole lot about my own sweating ‘Dis-Ease’ and also how some other people react to it differently.

    I’m not like Dan. I sweat my A*S off, like all the time. But I’m learning to just start to deal with it, I guess.

    Maybe I’ll pick up some of that hypnosis to stop the sweating. But the thing is, I heard that that stuff doesn’t really work and it’s just a waste of $12. But if you say it works, I guess I’ll try it.

    Keep up the good work, man!


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