I Sweat Only at School!?


I only sweat at school…Not at the mall or the market. Just school. Why?!?!

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One response to “I Sweat Only at School!?”

  1. Chris says:

    I think you know exactly the reason why, Katya. This is a really common thing. I call it ‘Situational Sweating’. I don’t know if I made that term up, or if other people use it too, or what. But what I do know is that it’s completely normal and happens to most people. Especially at job interviews, first dates, or other times when their stress-levels are temporarily heightened. But then it goes away as quickly as it came.

    This is good news for you, because it’s much easier to stop situational sweating than complete, reason-less hyperhidrosis.

    What’s going on at school? Do you feel nervous there? Do you sweat the whole time you’re at school, or only during certain classes or situations? Have you been embarrassed really bad before when someone mentioned something about your sweat? Are there times you’re in school that you don’t sweat?

    Answer these questions for yourself. Think hard about them. If you are nervous in school, that’s completely normal, too. There’s a lot of stuff going on there. You’re trying to do your best in class, make friends, be ‘cool’, maybe even get a bf or gf. That can be a lot of pressure.

    But your nervousness or anxiety can be completely cured by enhancing your self-esteem and self-confidence. Your self-esteem is basically how much you like yourself. It’s extremely important for the rest of your life to have a healthy self-esteem. Working to improve and strengthen your self-esteem is simple, especially when you get the hang of it. Also, it’s awesome because once you improve your self-esteem, it stays with you automatically.

    Check out the tab on the left side of the site called “Social Anxiety”. I think you may have a slight case of it, which is totally normal, especially for 13-year-olds.

    I know when I was 13, I was in the peak of my ‘Ugly Phase’. Most people have ugly phases for at least a couple years. Your body and your life are going through major changes that may leave you feeling uncertain, and have low self-confidence. As you grow older, and start feeling more at home in your skin, anxiety and sweating will likely vanish by themselves, as confidence increases.

    I would recommend that after you check out Social Anxiety, read about

    -Causes of sweat
    -Going to the doctor
    -Your body
    -Your mind

    Make some of the changes that we recommend throughout those sections, and see if your school-sweating doesn’t clear up.

    Good luck, Katya. And remember, life’s a big game, and it ends pretty soon. Have fun!

    Chris Mechanic

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